Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Japan Candy Box Review!! + Giveaway for a Japan Candy Box!

for sending this lovely Box for me to review.
They are a shop that are selling Japanese snacks/candies boxes.
You can subscribe to their monthly plan and receive some surprise every month!
Here is a list of what I received !

Even my cat want to try it out!

This is a really cute candy kit!
You can easily make these figures on the cover.
It would be great to make With some children or friends.

Here are one of the favorite candies I have received !
There are like some soft candies on the outside wrapping some
 fruity gummi candy in the middle.
If I see it in a store, I defiantly will buy it again!

Cute frog gummies!
I don't know how to describe the taste, but it were good anyway!

Even after eating all of it.... I could not tell what it taste like...
I cannot read Japanese, so I dont know what I have eaten.
But it taste abit like milky chocolate? I liked it anyway!

 Dorayaki Hot Cake!
There are red beans in middle of the cake!
Similar to the one Doraemon like to eat?
I did not take photo of every single snacks I have got.
Remember to join the Giveaway
 to have a chance to win a Candy Box!
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