Thursday, February 27, 2014

[Review] Owl Pattern Black Sweaters For Women

This lovely sweater were sponsored by sammydress.
They are a online retailer store that are selling many clothing in a affordable prize.

This owl patterned sweater have 4 colors available, it's black, red, apricot and white.

They only have one size, and I normally wear XS-S in Europe. 
I think it fits me and a slightly loose too, so I think it will be fine for XS-M

This is made of polyester 

Everything was nicely made and although there are many small decoration, none of  them have fallen off. The only small problem I had was the owl in middle had two rope sticking out. I think it was the end and start of it, so I cut it off with a scissor and it looks great now.


What do you think?

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Advertise On Gwiyomistyle Cost $1-5

I have finally decided to start some small advertising on my blog!

There have been some bloggers that asked me about guest posting and advertising on my blog. I am sorry, about I forgot your e-mail and cannot inform you about this now. 

I have been blogging for nearly 1 year now and there have been many smaller blogger that ask for advice on how to get more visitors and exposure. So I have included monthly advertise post on most of the packages, that makes more readers know about your blog  and the V.I.P can even do a guest post.
  Check below for more information.

The money will be used to improve this blog on various of ways.

I have visited many blogs and I have paid to advertise on some blogs too.
There have been many new blogs that start to advertise with a really high price, 
which I think that was not worth it.  This is my first advertising
 So I want to give it a try on a low price and I will try my best to help you to gain more exposure.

Followers Stat

10.03.2014 Last Update

GFC 1156
Facebook 900
Bloglovin 966
Twitter 475
Google + 209
Youtube 259

If you have any questions regarding to blogging, sponsorship or anything else.
I would be appreciated if you were one of my advertiser, but even if you are not one of them.
 I will still try my best to reply each of your questions. 
You can use the contact form to find me!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[Review] Too Cool For Schools Lip Study (Red)

Too Cool for school is a Korean cosmetic brand that are designed for younger girls that like cosmetics with a new and fun design and with a affordable price. If you have looked at their cosmetics before, you will know their main designed color is red and black. I have never tried this brand before, but I have seen it several times on some online stores and always find their design to be unique.

If you are into Korean cosmetics and like to try out some with a fun design in a affordable price, then I do recommend you to check this brand out.


You can already see their fun design, right?

There is not much to say about the package, beside that I think if I saw it in a store, it will be eye catching for me and defiantly will take a closer look to the product.

Since everything is written in Korean, I don't understand anything that's written behind and I could hardly find any information online either. But the word "Water Beam Stick" is enough to let you know that it's suppose to be light and moisturizing.

Continue with the inside...

I think the design were really cute, unique and fun.

It's first time I have seen a lipstick design like this. I think if you bring this out, because of the unique design, there will be many friends that will ask you about this lipstick. I like to have something that's unique, so I loved their design.

Photo taken from


They have 5 different colors available for this series. The one I am using on this post is red, number 1. I had a hard time on deciding which color to try out. I decided on red, because I got many natural shaded lipstick recently, so I thought it would be nice to get something different. 

I am happy that it's not a extreme red color, because this is really moisturizing. 
It's almost like a lip balm with tint.

 Warning: Because I am not using daylight, the color is not 100% correct.
It was slightly more reddish than my shown photos, but still not so red like their commercial photos.

 The color is build able.

If applied only once, it looks natural with a slight red color 
and really moisturizing like a lip balm.

Moisturize: As I have mentioned above, this is super moisturizing and you won't need to apply anything else to keep your lips hydrated. It won't make your lips get wrinkled and looks bad for sure.

Lasting: Just like any other lipsticks, it's recommended to re-apply after you have eaten or drink something. And because of the lightness of this lipstick, I think it wear off easily once it touch something, so it leaves mark on cups easily.

Smell: I need to get so close as 1 cm distance from the lipstick to smell a light candy fragrance. 

Taste: It has a really light taste to it, I don't know how to describe it... I think it's just a lipstick taste? But it's so light that I don't find it bothersome anyway.

My thought

In overall... I like this lipstick a lot and will be using it in my daily makeup from now on. One of the main reason is because I am not really a lipstick person, and this one feels like a lip balm with a red tint.

I also loved the unique design and would love to try out other colors someday.

Recommend to girls...

like unique design

Moisturizing lipsticks 

Affordable price

Korean brand

Color build able

Where To Buy? 

Have you tried this brand before?

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[Tutorial] 2014 Valentines Day Nail Design

Valentines day are coming in few days, I see there are many bloggers that are creating many valentines tutorial and that makes me want to make some too. I created a post about valentines makeup using Korean cosmetics for a few days ago, if you have not seen it yet. You can find it Here!

1. Painted on a base coat and a white color on all nails.

2. I used a decoration tape on half of my nails and then paint a pink color on to make two different colors on two side. I am using decoration. because I think the this type of tape is less sticky.

3. Use a toothpick and do it however you want.
I used it to dots the heart and lines.

Here is the mess I have created...
I paint a bit of the color I want on a white paper and used a toothpick to dots and paint.

Since many blogger are creating valentines posts.
If anyone want to do link exchange for valentines post, let me know <3

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Rewind: Gwiyomistyle's Top 3 Posts in 2013

I want to make a post about some of my most viewed posts in 2013 

 I also picked them that I think is still useful for some of my readers. Those posts were made for a long time ago, so I believe that many of my new readers have not seen these posts before.

When I was still new with blogging, I hardly had any sponsor and only used the products I owned for review. So I created more variety of posts to keep my blog updated a few times a week. Now I am receiving so many sponsored products that I don't have much time for these type of posts anymore. 

But if you likes to read those type of posts, I will try to post more of them again! 
I enjoyed making them too.

How to make simple hair bun in 1 minute 

I had a little longer hair back then and a slightly brown hair from palty hair dye.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred!

This is supposed to be a 30 days shred, but I only managed 20 days. Because of a old leg injury, but any normal person should be able to do this shred. Strongly recommended if you want to get fit in 30 days before the summer.

How To Make Korean Towel Bun

If you have watched Korean variety shows or Korean dramas, you will know that they use it at sauna.

Do you like any of these posts I have picked?

Which post did you like the most?

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Friday, February 7, 2014

[Tutorial / Tips] Valentines Makeup with Korean Cosmetics

I am not professional with makeups, so it's not perfect.
But I have worked hard on it and hope it will be useful for some of you.

 I wanted to try making a tutorial and since it's valentine day soon. 
So I thought it would be a good opportunity to make one for valentines day!

Most of the makeups I have are Korean branded, but I accidentally used a wrong blusher! 

You will see that my scar is still visible... 
it's not possible to cover it up and it will probably take 1-2 months to fade.

Eye Makeup: Etude House Color Play and Etude House Look at my eyes Cafe PK001

Blusher: I accidentally used Barry M's Nude palette, but Lovely ME:EX cushion blusher 04 
is almost the same shade and with more pigment. 

Lips: Apieu Kissable Tint Sticks PK01

Foundation: Etude House BB Magic Balm

If you liked it and want to see more
Please subscribe, like and comment for encouragement.

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[Review] Etude House BB Magic Balm SPF30

This is my first Etude house foundation and my first time trying a foundation that are stored in a jar. They included a small foundation brush with the foundation. 

They claim to provide natural looking coverage that nourishes, soothes and correct your skin tone. One of the main reason to why I picked this is because it's for sensitive skin and clear complexion. 


I have sensitive, super dry and acne prone skin. 

You can see it cover my redness well and makes the small holes less visible.
But the only problem is that it's still not nourishing enough for my dry skin, and the brush they included would  easily leave some strokes. So I have tried with another foundation brush and it worked better than shown on the photo from above.

It last for a good 6 hours for me.

Note: If you have read my previous posts, you will know I recently got a scar on my face. 
I removed it with photo editor and lighten the photo up.


There is only one shade for this foundation and I personally think it's actually two shade too light for my skin tone. But somehow once a while I will think it looked right... I think it depends a little on the lighting too. Like the above photo, the main light source is more focused on my face, so it might get slightly darker on other area.

My thought

I love the coverage from this BB balm, it's one of the best one I have tried so far and it's not too drying to be compared to other I have tried. It should be fine for peoples that don't have super dry skin like me. If it were not 2 shades too light for my skin tone, it might become one of my favorite product! I also recommend to use your own foundation brush, you might want to give theirs a try before using your own.

Another problem is that because you will use the foundation brush on the BB balm, so it's better to wash the foundation brush after each use and make sure that your face is clean. Because it's easy to transfer dirt to the bb balm trough the foundation brush.

Recommend to girls...

Want to try BB balm

Normal to light dry skin

Light skin tone

Good coverage

SPF 30

Sensitive Skin

Where To Buy?


Note: The product in this post were sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[Review] Panda Costume

This lovely panda costume were sponsored by iLovesexy!
They are one of biggest online retailer that are selling sexy and playful costumes.

I feel so evil...

The one I am wearing is XS.


Height: 157cm
Weight: 44kg

The dress fit me exactly, when I was putting it on... I almost thought that I was too fat for this dress, because I started hearing some tearing sounds from the fabric. But I Was still wearing my pants, so it went fine after taking the pants off. It fit me, but I wonder if I could wear it if I did not loose 3 kg recently?

I think the dress were really short, so it will make your legs look longer and more pretty. But I do recommend to wear something safety under it! 


This dress cost $61.92 and the quality is really good.
Everything is nicely sewed together and the fabrics don't feel cheap at all.
I think it's worth the price you have to pay for.

This panda costume include a panda head with two cute paws and a panda dress.

My Thought

I really liked this panda costume, because there are hardly any this kind of costumes in my country... In my country I mostly only see these that are really childish and in a really cheap quality type of costumes... but with a high price!

I love that this shop have over 1000 different costumes in a variety of prices.
 When I need a new costume, I will defiantly check them out!

What do you think?

Recommend to girls...

Looking for a sexy and cute panda costume


Themed Parties

Special Events

Want a costume with good quality

Where To Buy?

Note: The product on this post were sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion 

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[Review] Earring and Necklace from MartofChina

I am lucky to get sponsored by MartofChina to review some of their accessories!
They are one of the big online retailer online that are selling fashion products
 in a cheap price with free shipping!

These Panda earring were super cute!

The fake diamonds were shiny and pretty. One of the stone have fallen off as you can see on the photo, but luckily that it was still inside the bag. So I can easily put it back with out any problem! 

Sadly, they are not selling this anymore due to short supply,
 and can be custom made if order over 50 pieces!

Mart Of China

Casual and cute bow tie earring!

The size were a little bigger than I have expected, but it's still really pretty to use with casual wear and even pretty dresses will look nice with them. 

They only have black ones left!

Mart Of China

Chic Owl and Branch Necklace!

This is one of the bestselling accessories in their shop and I think it looks really nice too. But it was a little bit heavy, around 45 gram as stated on the website. So if you know that you will be moving a lot on that day, then I won't recommend you to wear it. Beside that I think it will be a great decoration for daily wear!

Sadly, they are not selling this anymore due to short supply,
 and can be custom made if order over 50 pieces!

Mart Of China

What I think...

I think the products I have received were totally worth their price, honestly it would cost 4 x times more if I bought a similar accessories with the same quality in my country. That's probably one of the biggest reason to why I often do online shopping! So I do recommend it to girls that like to change their accessories frequently, so you can buy a lot of pretty products with a cheap price.

Note: The product were sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

[Review] Korean Fashion Style Exquisite Butterfly Shape Olivet Earrings

How much is this Korean styled? 

To be honest, I don't pay much attention to their accessories, but this earring is cute and simple. That I think match with the Korean style. If you search online there are also a Korean celebrities that have used a really similar earring too.

Worth the price?

The current price for this pair of earring is only $1.24.

The only problem I can think of is that the fake diamonds were not so shiny as I would have wanted it to be. Beside that I think it's totally worth the price you have to pay.

Recommend to girls...

Want a cute and simple earring

A cheap price

Don't want the fake diamonds to be too shiny

Works for both pretty dresses and casual wear.

Light Weight 0.013kg

Free shipping

Where To Buy

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion

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