Sunday, September 29, 2013

[Giveaway] Glitter Bunny Polish! (International)

This lovely giveaway is sponsored by Glitter Bunny Polish !

I did a review for their nail polish for about a week ago.
If you have not read my review for their nail polish yet, you can read it now!

My Review :  HERE

They have almost 20 nail polish to choose from, and here is some of them!

Got to Glitter Bunny Polish for more!

Grab this banner for extra entries and remember to put your url on rafflecopter!

You can make it smaller if it's too big for your sidebar, just remember to link back to this post.

This giveaway will end on 26 October!

10% Discount code 


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Saturday, September 28, 2013

[Blog Design] How To Remove Header Widget and Make a Header With Multiple Buttons

Since I won't make beauty post for a few days and still want to update my blog for you guys. I have decided to share some fun codes to you! 

What do you mean about header with multiple buttons?

I created the picture from above randomly to make a example for you guys. It's suppose to be a header and you will be able to click all of these text that will lead you to different links you have chosen!

What about remove the header widget?

Because you will need to use a HTML box instead of the original header widget, so we need to remove the original one or else it will force you to type something in for the title and will show above the new banner we created! I will explain more later!

Sample : Click Here
I used it on a new testing blog, so you can take a look and try clicking these buttons!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

[Just Talk] Could Not Use Water For A Whole Day...

I got sick...

First of all... I cannot post any new beauty reviews for a few days, because I got sick and want to take a break from makeups and all that cosmetic stuffs while I am resting. 

There are many peoples that get sick recently and my whole family got sick recently as well, seems like they transmitted me too... Maybe because of the season that are changing now

 So take care of yourself!

Why could not use water for a whole day?

We are living in those kind of houses that are divided in two apartments, and recently we got new neighbors. Somehow... they managed to block the stuffs that are used to transfer waters. 

Since our houses are connected, the water started to come up from the cleaning room with some poop, water etc... So they whole cleaning rooms floor was filled with it and the whole house was really smelly. My cats usually go out from that room, since they don't want to walk on that poop water, they did not go outside for a whole day...

We could not use any water at all, if we did... then it would get worsen.

 So we could not flush the toilet, shower, wash dishes etc... 

I am happy that it's finally fixed now... But I hope that my dear new neighbor will take better care of their house. They moved in like less than a month...

Have you ever experienced something like that before?

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Review] Glitter Bunny Polish Rainbow Sprinkles

Glitter Bunny is a nail polish brand that are based in Israel

But they ship international with a low shipping fee.

 This brand have many different nail polish with many fun glitters and mainly with different kind of glitters that you can match with other nail polish which you like!

Here is a picture of how the bottles looks like, it's a clear nail polish base with many colorful glitters/ sprinkles that can match with many nail polish color as the base.

How To Use

1. Paint a base color of your choose (I used light blue)

2. Use Rainbow Sprinkles to paint over it

3. Paint a top coat over everything

A like to Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish
taken from google search

I have never tried Etude House Ice Cream nail polish, but since i have seen many review of it from other bloggers. It somehow remind me of it and  I think they are a little a like.

But you can use the Rainbow Sprinkles on many more colors under it instead of only one and need to buy many colors that include the glitters.

All nail polish from Bunny Glitter cost $10

Where To Find Rainbow Sprinkles?


Fast Drying

Make your nail polish more fun and prettier

Many different kind of glitter polish to choose from

Long Lasting with Top Coat


The only cons is that the color of glitters fall off if you don't put on top coat

What Do You Think?

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

[Blog Design] Basic Coding: How To Center Tabs Text and Gadget Titles

Since I have heard many of my readers don't know much about coding or just not tried much around it. So I will start with the easiest and most basics that I think will be useful for many of you.

I will make a coding post once in a while from now on
So if there is any specific codes you want me to make a post about, you are welcome to tell me about it on my comment box and I will consider over making a post for it on the coming week.

Maybe some of you don't know, but it take less than 3 minutes to make them into the center.

I have seen many blog that have their gadget titles and tabs on the left side instead of in the center, but personally I think it would looks better to make them into the center.



Here is a example of how my blog would looks like if I did the centering codes or not.

Don't you agree that the after one looks better? So if you still have not done it yet, then maybe you should consider about using this code on your blog!

So.... After all this talk... How to do it?

On the page where you edit everything for you blog

1. Click Template

2. Click Customize

After these steps above you will be directed to a page that can do easy editing for your blogs design.

1. Click Advanced

2. Scroll down and Click Add CSS

3. Copy the code from below and past it to the CSS box

Center Tabs Text

Center Widget Titles

I hope some of you find this to be useful!

If you used it, let me know how it worked for you!

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[Shout Out] #4 Weekly Shout Out


 My name is Kay, I am a twenty something years old girl living in New Zealand. I am an extreme girly girl who loves anything pink and kawaii ~ I dedicate my blog to all things beauty, fashion and a little bit about my life. I mainly blog about beauty products reviews and sometimes show off my outfits of the day. Please come and check out my blog,I love meeting new people, new friends Svart hjärter (kort)

Yomi: I think her blog is really colorful that makes you look forward to read something that will make you happy. I especially liked her newest post about how she made the Japanese DIY candy that looks like sushi. It was really cute and her photos made it looks so great that I want to get one set too...


 Hello! My name is Junjun, and I am a beauty/lifestyle blogger. My blog is more of a beauty blog as opposed to a lifestyle blog, but I like to think that there is a fair variety of posts for my readers to read! c: If you're interested in beauty product reviews, travel posts, and just random hauls, please do check out my blog~

Yomi: Junjun is one of the sweetest blogger I have known, that applies on both her appearance and personality! She take a lot of great photos that makes her posts more interesting to read. 

Check Them Out!



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Friday, September 20, 2013

[Review] Missha Signature Velvet Art Shadow 15. Orange Combination

 I am happy to review Missha product for the first time, I have seen their shops when I traveled. But I never bought anything from them before. Thanks to  cosmetic-love for sponsoring me this lovely product.


I think the package of this eye shadow is really pretty, elegant and well packed that gives a feeling of high quality product. Inside the package have they included a small card guide that teach you how to use the colors in a correct way. It's in Korean, but not hard to understand if you take a better look.



Have Mirror

Easy To Open

Include Guide

High quality

How To Use

I tried to use this palette as shown on the guide they have included, but since I do not understand Korean. I only looked at the pictures and might not be 100% the same as the card they have.

On number 4. they have 3 different highlight color that you can pick one to use.
Maybe you can pick the one that suit your clothes for that day.
 I used the white one on my photos for this post.

Easy To Use

Image source:

Missha Signature velvet Art Shadow have many more colors, but cosmetic-love only have these 3 in stock. But I think they are really nice ones, as the pink one is more sweet and the dark one is more cool.

Different Shade To Choose



Here is the final look of the Missha Signature Velvet Art Shadow!

I only used this eye shadow palette and a thin eyeliner as finish.

The best thing about this palette is that I don't need to worry about how to combine different eye shadows for one look. That makes it much easier for make up beginners like me. 

In overall I really loved this eye shadow palette 
and I will consider about getting other shades of this palette series!

What Do You Think?

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Review] Moses Vision Blue Contact Lens

Moses vision is a new series from Speciallens

This circle lenses give a more natural look, if you remember my barbie blue one that I have used many times recently. You can see there is a big difference between them. 

As always they included a lens case in random colors.

I always love that they include a lens case, so I can avoid going to the shops only to buy a lens case and the ones we have in my country is really boring ones...

How To Open

There are still many new users that are having a hard time to open the bottle for circle lenses. In the beginning I just used my hand and nails, that was really hard and even break my nails. So I made a video of how I open mine circle lenses bottles now!

Here is my first video, let me know what you think!

Do you have any better ways of opening it?

I think this circle lens is comfortable just the same as the barbie blue I have received from them. I can use this up to 5 hours without discomfort. Maybe it would be even better if I used eye drops?

 Since this circle lens is supposed to look more natural, the enlargement is less then those doll series of lenses. But that makes it more natural to use, and not that noticeable.  

Lens Type
This is a one year lens type, but as most circle lenses. It's strongly recommended to only use them for 3 months after you have opened it. That's because of hygienic reasons and better for your eyes.

$ 21.95

You can find this HERE

What do you think?

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[Review] Dr.Post NXT Bio Gel Total Eye Patch

Dr.Post is a Korean skincare brand, there are not many
 online shops that are selling them right now. 


The package looks really modern and it's really easy to open it up. There is a short description about this eye mask in English. The picture of the package show exactly how the real mask look like.

How To Use

After cleaning your wash, take the layers off the gel mask that are protecting it.
Take the mask off after 30-40 minutes.

The best is to listen to some music and take a rest while using this eye mask.


Just as the name of this eye mask, it's a gel texture and it sit really tight into your skin. When touching the mask, I feel it's really a lot of serum inside and at the same time it's not dripping. It feels really comfortable to have this gel textured eye mask on and makes me wonder if there are any face mask like this too.


I don't really know how to describe this smell, I think it's from the serum. But it's a really light smell that I cannot smell it while using it on my eyes. I can only smell it if I put my nose in to the package that are opened 


This eye mask is supposed to light up your dark eye circles, solve aging problem around your eyes , keep your eyes moisturized and elastic. As most masks, I do not think I can archive these with a one time use. But it do make the area around my eyes much softer and moisturized. If you want these effect as mentioned on the package, you will probably need to use it a few more times to get these effect.

Have you tried eye mask before?

You have any questions related to this product
You can contact Constance Choo

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion.

Introduce WishTrend

This is online shop that are based in Korea, they provide many different brand of  latest trend for Korean cosmetics. I browsed in their site and found many brand that I have never seen before.

Here is a example of some of their products, these are some of their most popular ones:

They also provide really good information on each item they are selling in English text. Sometimes when I browse in other shops, they leak information of the products in English and most of us cant read Korean. But WishTrend provide a lot of information for each products they are selling.

They gave me a impression that they are taking their business serious.

Monday, September 16, 2013

[Just Talk] Planning to make a guide for blog design codes

Just playing with new apps

Did not take photo for reviews

Hi hi! I have not taken any nice photos for product reviews in the past two days. One of the reason is because of the bad weather... You know most of us use day light! But I will try to make something on tomorrow anyway! 

Planning to make guide for blog design codes

I have actually learned those codes for blogger for a long time, because I had another blog for a few years ago I did most of the work on it. In the past months, I have been searching for hours on how to make this blog as I want it to be. 

Everything is almost placed as I want it to be now, but because I am not good with graphic... so there are still a lot of things I need to learn and improve on. But I saw that many readers want to improve their blog design after I changed mine. So I thought it might be helpful to list up some codes that I think it would be useful for you to use on your blog!

What do you think?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

[Shout Out] # Weekly Shout Out + I am on recommend list in Bloglovin!

Happy that I got to top 4 on recommendations list in Bloglovin!

I actually don't really know how to get up there, maybe everyone will get there eventually. But it feel like something good to see your own blog on a top list anyway!

Last time someone told me she saw my blog on up and coming list, but before I can look at it myself. My blog already disappeared from that list... So I am happy to witness it this time. I wonder when my blog will get to the top list (If I will ever get there).

Do you know anything about it?


 Back to the shout out!

Majorie Zoleta

Hello! My blog is basically decorated with pink stuff and is filled with posts about beauty, product reviews, fashion, music and random hauls. If you're looking for a girly blog, please do visit this blog.

Yomi: Thank you for applying this shout out so many times, even applied twice on this weeks shout out. Anyway we followed each other since she started blogging for a few days. I can tell that she is improving on her blog and I love the music on her blog! <3


My name is Mandy and I'm a 19 year old girl from Malaysia and I own a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I do mostly outfit posts, food reviews and product reviews! Do come and visit my blog :D Also, leave a comment with your blog link so that I can visit yours as well ^^

Yomi: I don't remember communicating much with her, but she is a really pretty girl with those sexy wave hairs and seems to be a really sweet girl too. I hope that I can have more chances to communicate with her from now on. She post many stylish photos of herself! <3

Rain Chan

hi ,just a girl from Singapore sharing reviews of skincare , food , makeup stuff in Singapore !welcome to follow me and make friend with me! 

Yomi: She is a pretty girl that looks really good with her short hair style. I think we followed each other for a while now, but I can't remember we comment much on each other blog. But I think her blog is worth a visit! 

Check their blogs when you have time!


How To Enter Next Weeks Shout Out:

Only my readers are allowed to join
That mean you are following me on at least one platform
GFC / G+ / Bloglovin / Facebook

Fill out the submit form
I will use these information to introduce your blog!

Tell me what you think of my blog

After blogging for a few months, I really want to know what you guys think. Since I saw that most of you that applied is bloggers that have followed me for a while. I really want to hear a honest comment from you, so I can know what I am doing good and what I should improve on.

For bloggers that got chosen, If you appreciate my shout out for you
I would be really grateful if you can introduce me to your readers too.

Email Address:
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Introduce Your Blog To Us:

Please follow the steps to enter, there are many that did not read and just applied for it. I am sorry to say that I will just delete them. It might upset you, but it's really upsetting for me to know that you just applied without reading too.

Friday, September 13, 2013

[Review] The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Pastel Cushion Blusher 04

This is first time I try a product from The Face Shop!

I picked this lovely pink color!

The Face Shop is a Korea branded skincare and cosmetics manufacturer. It's a sister company with LG household and Health Care of LG Corporation.


The package of this product is really cute and small, it's really easy to put into your bag and carry it around with you. It's first time I see a package with a paper alike material for cosmetics, but it's strong and don't break easily. It feels a bit weird at first, but I am getting used to it now and don't see that as any problem.

Inside have a small and cute puff that you can use to apply this blusher. It's really soft and easy to apply with it. But I don't know how it will be like after washing it... 

Texture / Lasting

It's like fixed powder that you easily can get the color with the puffer it comes with. It sit really well on my skin and don't fall off easily. This blusher can last me for almost my whole evening.

Photo Source:


The one I picked is number 04 baby pink that gives a cute and doll like look. But you can see that they have many different shades that can suits different kind of look that you want to archive. I really like the baby pink I have now, it gives a really cute feeling. But maybe I would want to get another shade that look more natural for a daily make up look!


The blusher don't have any fragrance, but it have a light makeup smell. I only smell it if I put my nose in to the package though. So it doesn't really matter for me.

In overall I really loved this blusher


You can see on this photo the half with the blusher gives a cuter look. It's easier to see it if you cover the other half with a paper or you palm. 

Cost: $ 11.99

You can find this product at Keutystore

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion

Thursday, September 12, 2013

[Just Talk] What do you think of my blog design?

I did take some new photos today, but suddenly got some ideas to create a new banner and used too much time on it. But there will be another review post on tomorrow!

I liked the idea for my own banner, but somehow... it feels weird. 

But I don't know if it's because I am not used to look at myself as a banner or it's really something wrong with it, so I want to ask what you think about it!

What do you think?

Any comments is welcome!
I am only self learning and want to improve it.


Add me on twitter if you have not done it yet!

I want to tweet with you!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[Review] Nanda Concept Eyes Red Lipstick

(Just playing with some new photo editing feature I just figured out.)

I have wanted to try a red lip stick for a while now and thanks to bornprettystore for sponsoring me this lovely product for review. They are actually a website that mainly sell nail art. So if you are interested in nail art, then you should defiantly check them out!

This lipstick only cost 5.38$

They have 12 different colors you can choose from

It's actually not often I wear lipstick, so I apply it messily... 

Shade: The color is not so red as I thought, it's actually a little bit to the orange side. But it's still really red.

Texture / Lasting: I think it's a little oily and get smeared really easily. Then I tried the mate look by drying it out with a paper and then apply a little powder on. It make the shade lighter and last much longer.

Smell : This lipstick don't have any fragrance at all.

I tried this lipstick when I used that vampire like circle lenses, because this lipstick have so vibrant color makes my skin looks paler and more vampire like. In overall I think this is a fun lipstick to try out!

Maybe not for a daily wear, but since it's so cheap... it's not a bad idea to get some special colors to use!

You can find it HERE

What do you think?

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[Review] Blytheye Grey Contact Lenses

Speciallens description for this circle lenses says it's mysterious and stylish.

They have many different style of circle lenses and are still producing new ones monthly. 

They always include a cute lens case for free!
So you don't need to buy a new case only because of getting a new pair of circle lenses. I am happy for that, because I got like 7 pairs of circle lenses now. We don't have shops that only sell lens cases, it's always sold with the solutions...

This circle lenses have 38 % water content and 14.5 diameter.
This is a 1 year lens, but it's strongly recommended to use only 3 months for hygienic reasons.
I actually got a little surprised when I first putted this on, because this is the most unnatural circle lenses I have tried so far. But it do fit the description they have on the website, as it do give a mysterious feeling.
This circle lenses is defiantly not something I would normally would use. I think it makes me look a little like a vampire, so it might be great for special events. Something like Halloween, Cosplay and other parties.

This cost: 20.65$
Can be found:  HERE

What do you think?

PS. I flipped the left one on first photo wrongly... 

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion 

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