Saturday, August 31, 2013

[Shout Out] #1 Weekly Shout Out! + My Lunch

I thought it might be a little boring to only read about my shout out, so I took a picture of my lunch today!

 It's a pasta from Italy!

I got this from a good friend as souvenir when she traveled to Italy and it's so pretty. That I don't really want to eat it, but if I don't eat then they will go out of date and get thrown away... So I decided to take some nice photos if it as memory and just eat them happily!

Honestly this pasta don't taste anything different from other pasta we see all the time. But I think the colors makes you feel more happy to eat them!

Have you seen this? 

Tried it?


Hi, I'm Bella! I blog about beauty, interior, photography, and travelling. Basically, I blog about everything! :3 Do check out my blog.

Yomi: She is one of the prettiest follower I have! I love the style of her photos and she makes it pleasant to look at them. I wish that she would update more often!

Everyone (Svart hjärter (kort)_Svart hjärter (kort)) I'm Emma by day but have a secret identity I'm sailor Mars;) I'm 20, from England. This is my personal blog where I post about random things, like my crazy obsessions over everything and anything Korean. But mostly Korean cosmetics and the occasional travel post ^^ Feel free to pop by and have a look:)

Yomi: Her newest post is a video tutorial for ulzzang makeup. I think she is so good at doing the makeup... I need to learn from her too!! Go and watch it if you have time!

Hello =^-^= I'm a beauty blogger that's addicted to skincare. (>_<) I like to introduce and review products for everyone to learn and see. Honesty, is most important to me thus, I will give truthful reviews! I enjoy also, giving advice and getting advice. Please come and take a look. ^-^

Yomi: She is a really sweet girl and my all time top 3 readers that comment on my blog! There is not too many photos of her in her blog, you will have to dig it if you want to know how she looks like. Maybe a bit shy? But she is a pretty girl too!

I hope you enjoyed my first shout out!!

If you did not get picked this time, that don't mean I don't like your blog!
I almost wanted to shout out all blogs you guys have sent to me, but it's impossible. So I took a really long time to decide which blog for this times shout out.

You are always welcome to enter my next shout out!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

[Review] Dr.For Skin Paraffin Foot Mask

This is the first time I try on a foot mask! 

Most girls spend a lot of time on skin care for their face, but even if the girl have really nice skin on your face. It's a turn off if your foot is rough, dry and a lot of dead skins. So I think it will be great to use it especially for summer time! Sandals! 

The color of this mask is a cute pink and gives you a picture of like our foot will get nutrients from it!

Even though this is a foot mask, the process is mostly the same as a face mask.
I think you can see it quite clearly on my picture from above.

1st Picture: You can see the layers of the foot mask, the outside is made of plastic and the inside is like cotton that are filled with serum for your foot to absorb. 

2-3rd Picture: Before using it, I thought that I cannot move after putting this on. So I already putted a lot of stuffs on the table in front of me to use. But after putting it on my foot, I found out that I actually can move around freely with this on. It's like those plastic bag shoes when you go indoor with shoes on.

4th Picture (Result): Personally think this worked really well for me, because it feels really soften after using it and it looks much more smooth too. You are supposed to use this 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks. But I only used this once, so that softness only lasted me for 3 days. If you use this as instructed for 4 weeks, then I think you will receive a great result from it.

If you have any questions related to this product
You can contact Constance Choo

Disclaimer: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed this with my own opinion.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Review] Essie Nail Polish Mint Candy Apple / Cute As A Button / Lapiz Of Luxury

This was bought when it was on sale last week.

It cost 33$ for all three

They have many colors and it took like 20 minutes for me and my sister to pick out three colors that we want to buy... So we was like standing there , bend down and then look up again. We repeated it a few times before we have decided on these colors!

I personally picked mint candy apple and cute as a button!

Essie summer collection

I wanted to try them all out at once, so I used one color on each nail !
I really liked these colors and think they are really great for summer. But after painting it, I could not figure out what I should do with my thumb and little finger...

It doesn't take too long for it to dry and it's a nail polish that have long lasting.

I wanted to mix two of the colors!

I just used a decoration tape above my nail that have painted once.
Then paint over the nails with another color.

Have you tried it?

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[Shout Out] Enter My Weekly Shout Out Now!

Here is the submission post for the weekly shout out I have mentioned earlier!

I am going to post a weekly shout out on every Friday/Saturday 
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All submission will be read on the day before I create the weekly shout out and if you did not get chosen, you are welcome to enter again on the week after. Because your blog posts will changes and there will be different blogs that enter on every week. 

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Monday, August 26, 2013

[Review] Bidanpo Mediental Healing Mask Balhyo-Boyangsu

This is the first time I try a face mask with medicinal herbs and they used 12 of them!

They used the 12 medicinal herbs and fermented them in a bamboo bucket. 
That increase the effect of these herbs to help your skin to absorb them better and more moisturizing!

Using fermented herbs makes this face mask really different from many other we normally see!

The color of the package is a really colorful blue, that you will refreshed even just looking at it.
At least I feel that way, maybe because blue represent water/sea.

There are English instruction and introduction about the mask in the package.

The way of using this, is the same as most face masks:

1. Apply the face mask after washing your face
2. Rest 10-20 minutes
3. Remove mask, pat remaining essence into your skin
4. You can use the skin care products you normally do 

Lets learn more about the 12 ingredients:

Here are the 12 medicinal herbs that are used in this face mask!

Each of these ingredients have their own feature!

If you look at the package, you will see they only wrote about this mask gives hydration and nourishing.
But if you look at the ingredients that have been used. You can see that they will give a lot more than that for your treasures skin!

By looking at the ingredients feature tells me about this face mask will work wonder for troublesome skin or any skin type. As you can see they have features for almost anything that's needed for your skin.

This is the first time I see a mask that have so many benefits!

After learning there are so many great benefits with this mask, lets try it now!

You can see this mask is really thin and makes it really tight to your skin. I think this is one of the thinnest face mask sheet I ever have tried on. That make the mask really comfortable to have on your face! Even though it's so thin, this mask still have a lot essence that I don't feel it drying after 20 minutes of use! After using the mask, I feel my skin soften, hydrated and brighten.

This mask claims to make your skin a turn over in 4 weeks!
If you followed their instruction about using this mask two times a week for 4 weeks, don't you think it will give you a amazing results? It really gives me that impression anyway.

This is one of my favorite face mask now!
I will defiantly buy it after using all of the mask I have at home.
(My sister have like 100 pieces of mask at home though... need to help her to use it up first !)

I highly recommend this to any skin types and especially for peoples with sensitive skins!

If you want to know more about this face mask!

Note: This product is sponsored, but this post is reviewed with my own opinion

Sunday, August 25, 2013

[Just Talk] New Categorize and About Weekly Shout Out!

I want to start a new categorize "Just Talk", so I can talk about anything  I want with you guys!

Since I want to try blogging everyday  and it's impossible to do a review 
or make a D.I.Y for every single days.

I will still try to find something to make it interesting for you to read. 

If there are anything you want me to blog about
You can tell me on comments!


Today I bought a glue gun!

There are so many things I want to try to make...
So there will be more D.I.Y coming soon!
Photo Source:
Ops! I have not taken photo of my glue gun yet...


I am planning to create a weekly shout out on my blog!

That mean I will pick a few bloggers that entered my weekly shout out and introduce them to everyone!
I have not figured out everything completely on how to make that yet..

But I will post about how to join it on this coming Monday!

Would you be interested to join?

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

[Tips] How To Make Korean Towel Bun

I used this in my recent post for a face mask and some readers asked me how to make it.
I think only take around 1 minute to make one and it's mainly just for fun.

Korean peoples use this at sauna.

If you want to try this out

Follow my instruction:

You  need to fold two shorter sides to the center.

Roll it up like how you do with long sleeves.

Do it on both sides until you think the space in middle suits your head size.

Just open the middle space that you have not rolled and put it on your head!!!

If you want to watch it on video.
I learned it from that video too!

You tried it?

Tell me what you think!

Friday, August 23, 2013

[Review] Mediheal Cacao Face Mask

This face mask is from the same brand as the lemon mask 
So the quality should be similar, expect that the serum is different and claim to have
 another effect on your beautiful skin. 

Lets see the difference of this cacao mask!

This product claim to:

Improve skin texture

Soften Skin

Clean Pore

Pore Tightening

Sebum Control

The package is really cute too as a drink.

How To Use:

Put the sheet mask on after washing + applied tonic

 After 15-20 minutes, pat the remaining essence into your skin

(I washed lightly off with water afterwards, because of sensitive skin)

Then apply the skincare products as you normally do

What I Think

Same as the previous mask, this have cutie design that many girls will like. The quality of the sheet is the same as the lemon mask and won't have too much serum that makes it dripping. I think it's difficult to see big difference from a one time use, but it do soften my skin. There is one thing I don't like too much about this one and prefer the lemon mask instead, is because of the strong smell. But it will go away in 2-3 minutes after taking it out of the package.

Cute Design
Soften Skin
Feels Clean
No Dripping Serum

Strong Smell
(The smell go away in 2-3 minutes)

If you have any questions related to this product.
You can take contact with Constance Choo.

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Disclaimer: The product is sponsored, but everything I have written is my honest opinion.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: Gallery Artist Soft Pastels (Color hair!)

This is a birthday present I received in this year, but I only used it twice.

Have you heard about using pastels on hair?

My sister bought this to me and she said that she researched online and people are saying this brand is one of the best one for coloring your hair. I think this have been really popular for not so long ago, because it can easily give you a one time hair coloring!

This package have 24 colors !

Oh well... when should I use the black one?
Maybe when I get white hair....

How To Use:

You need to have some water on the part of hair you want the color. 

I used a water spray!

Pick the color you want and rub it into your hair!

I think red stand out with black hair, although my hair is not 100% black now...

Use flat iron can make the color last longer and sit better on your hair!

Oh well... maybe I should have brushed my hair before taking the last picture!
It become like a mess because of rubbing the color pastels.

What I Think:

I was happy to receive this at first, because I have wanted to try it! But after trying it on, I do not think I will use it often... although it's really easy to use. But this will actually damage your hair and it's a mess when you use it! Because some of the pastels will fall off and if you touch your hair afterwards, it will be all on your hair. But I think it's great to use once in a while, maybe for a party or some special events.

It's recommended to use plastic glove !
My hand got all red after using it...

Many color to choose
Easy to use
Great for party
Easy to wash off

Messy when you use
Damage hair

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: Mediheal Lemon Lime Face Mask

Thanks to Constance Choo for sending these products to me for review.

I was really happy to receive a few different sheet mask  
that are origin from Korea and here are one of them!

This mask have one of the cutest package I ever have seen!
The information on the back package are both in Korean and English.

This product claims to make your skin:



Control excess sebum

Remove dead cells

(This is Korean towel bun, mostly used when they go to sauna.)

How To Use

Put the sheet mask on after washing + applied tonic

 After 15-20 minutes, pat the remaining essence into your skin

(I washed lightly with water afterwards, because of sensitive skin)

Then apply the skincare products as you normally do

What I Think:

This mask don't have much serum as many other masks I have tried before, so it won't start dripping when you take it out from the package. You can smell a little lemon/Lime from the sheet mask and I think it's a smell that many will like. After using this, I can tell that my face feel softer and a little more shining.

 There should be a much better effect if you use it regularly!

The only negative thing I can say about this mask is about the sheet is a little too rough. But it's still not too bad and I am willing to use more of it. I have used another one before that was so rough that I want to just throw it away... 

Cute package
Smell nice (Lime)
Brighten your skin
Soften your skin
No dripping serum

The sheet is a little rough

If you want more information about this mask. 
You can contact Constance Choo

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Disclaimer: The product is sponsored, but everything I have written is my honest review.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cute Handcraft Multi-colored Thread Dangle Earrings

Last month I ordered a new pair of earring online.
This one only cost 0.75$ + include worldwide free shipping!

I thought it looked unique and have some nice colors on the earring.
They have a few more different color and pattern.

This is handmade with colored threads!

I wonder how they created this, like did they paint the colors after it's done?
What I Think

It's amazing that it's so cheap for a earring that can ship worldwide and I thought the color won't look so good for me in the beginning, but it seems to be fine! I think it will look pretty with many different style of clothes. The only thing I did not like is that it can turn around and the earring thread have a front side and backside. The backside is only white, so it don't look so nice when it's turned!

Really Cheap
Match the most

Easily turn around

Note:  I am so heartbroken that I broke my camera lens after these photos...
It was a portrait lens and now I only have the original one left...

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Garnier Nordic Essentials for Dry Skin

For half year ago, I bought this because of the cute color of this product and it was on sale!
Since I have never tried this brand before, I wanted to give this a try...

Sorry, that some of the recent reviews is western products!
But since I already bought them from before, then why not share them too ?

Almost 90% of new products I buy now a days is Asian brands.
So you will probably see a lot more in the future posts.

It claims to moisturize you skin for 24 hours!

What I Think

To be honest, I regret buying this product! 
Because my face are still really dry even after applying this on.
So I only use this as a hand cream now, 
because my hands are less dry and not so sensitives to products.

Light package
Pretty Package

Not moisturize enough for me

Have you tried it ?
What do you think of this brand?

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Giveaway: Lioeles Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF30 PA++ 50ml

Photo Source:

I happy want to announce that I got a opportunity to make a giveaway with !

They let me pick one item for the giveaway and I picked  Lioeles Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF30 PA++ 50ml ! Because this is my favorite bb cream ! So I want to give a chance to my readers to try it or if you have tried and liked it, then you have a chance to get a new one!

Taken from Cosmetic Lover:
Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream: It's special BB Cream which works greatly in Whitening & Wrinkle Care & UV Protection. Its natural looking coverage let your skin look healthier and smoother. Not only brightens your skin tone, but also protect it from harmful UVA/UVB. With A little volume of BB cream, it hides most of skin trouble.You can have most flawless complexion.

My review of Lioeles BB cream


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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: F03 Tortoise Glasses From Firmoo + Introduce Firmoo

The glasses is sponsored by

I have used two pair of glasses before, but no one of them suited me and I did not like it at all. So even though I have two pairs of glasses, I hardly use them unless I really must use them.

I picked this one because now a days, the most fashionable ones are black and tortoise wayfarer glasses. I have been thinking a lot if I should get a black or tortoise for a long time and finally decided on this one!

They include a glasses box (what it's called?) that you can store the glasses at home, maybe because it's actually quite heavy... They also include a bag that you can use to carry your glasses around!

This glasses is really cheap, but you won't feel the quality is bad at all!

Do you want to try it too?

They are now offering new customers a pair of free glasses!! Click Here
(But you have to pay shipping)

Don't want to pay shipping?

Join their Daily Lucky draw on Facebook!
You might be the next winner!

If you are going to buy a glasses from them and not sure which one looks better on you. They have a virtual try on system that you can upload your picture on their website to try on all of their glasses! I used that system to pick this one too!

What I Think

I have always wanted to try this kind of glasses with wayfarer frames, because it's really in fashion now a days and I think it match well with most face structures. I was a little worried that this won't match me either, but after trying it on for the first time... I already loved it!

I wish that I have got this kind of glass frame earlier and I am considering to get another pair, because it's so great and cheap! This pair only cost 39$ even if I had to pay!

The price you see on their website include the most simple glasses with/without prescription. But if there are anything else you want, maybe with tint so you can use it like sunglasses. Then you only need to pay a little extra. Their shipping is also really fast!

Note: This post is sponsored, but the review is honest and my own opinion.
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