Friday, January 31, 2014

[D.I.Y] New Year Collaboration : Air Dry Pig Decoration/Bookmark

Thanks to Gin for gathering so many lovely beauty bloggers
 for this Chinese New Year collaboration!

As you can see I did not make the same thing as other bloggers, because I kind of got the wrong idea while reading the information and I actually got surprised after seeing everyone's photo. 

This collaboration attracted many bloggers, I received a e-mail about there are only 3 horoscope that was taken and I replied within 24 hours and there were already only around 2 spots left. So I have picked PIG and I did not plan on makeups, partly because of a face scar. I got band aid on my face in some recent photos, it's healed a lot now... but still don't want to put foundation on it yet or any cosmetics. 

I used air dry clay, and it can be used as a bookmark 
or just a decoration you like to stick anywhere.

Rat - Phailee
Ox - Misa
Tiger - Miss Louise
Rabbit - Gin
Dragon - Elina
Snake - Terri
Horse - Rebecca
Sheep - Ashley
Rooster - GaEul
Dog - Lala
Pig - Yomi

It's only link to their blog, everyone are supposed to post it today.
But everyone's timezone are different.
so if it's not posted yet, then please check back to their blog later!

PS. bad writting... I could not find any paint brush in good form.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

[Review] Fake Sideburns Design Neat Bang For Women

 I have 3 hair wigs and this is my first time trying on for only bangs!

Straight bangs is difficult to style in the morning, and I know many girls would only wash their bangs in the morning to style it prettily. My real hair have a similar hairstyle, but it was like flying all ways with a bad hair day. I actually took photos of it as a before photo, but it was so bad that I don't even want to put it up...


Most hair wigs are either using real human hair or synthetic material.
 But after hearing some news about some fabric used dead humans hair... still want to use it? 

Clips On
Same as most fake bangs, they use clips on and it was really easy to use.

They have 4 colors available: Black, Black brown, Deep brown and Light Brown
The one I have picked is pure black, since I have not dyed my hair for a really long time. I think it will be more difficult to find your hair color if it's dyed.

Easy to tell it's Fake?
The material is soft and nice, but it's a little too shiny for most peoples. I have seen peoples that have really shiny and healthy real hair, so I think it would looks much more real if these peoples uses it. But when I wear it... Yes, I think you can easily tell it's fake.

How To Use

I am not experienced with fake bangs, so you better search around for better suggestion.
But I just put a hair band over the line between my real hair and the fake hairs to hide it.
 I know you can use your own hair to hide it too.

Recommend to girls...

Want to try the style before cutting

Have naturally shiny and healthy hair
(more matching)

A quick change

Where To Buy?

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Just Talk] What Toby (Cat) do when I try to take photos for my blog.

These photo were taken a few days ago with my two latest review post.

This happen almost every time she find out I am trying to take photos, at first I did not understand why she would want to sleep in front of the light, when it's so damn bright. But then I figured out because it produce a little warmth and that's what she wanted.

On that day I was lucky that she decided to sleep beside the area I have planned to take photos, so I can just continue to take it while she is sleeping. But some times... she would sit right on the photo area and maybe on the products too...

It's a little troublesome, but I somehow feel happy that she is there to accompany me.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[Review] Etude House Rosy Tint Lips (Tea Rose)

This is another Etude House lip tint series.


They have 8 different shade for this series.

I think many of their color is really lovely and they actually recommended number 1 and 8. I always had trouble to pick a color out of so many beautiful colors, but I picked this one because I recently wanted some more in natural colors.

The one I have picked is called "Tea Rose" number 7.

Photo taken from cosmetic-love

Gradient Look

The one I have picked is really close to my real lip color, so it was difficult to create a gradient look. But I think it would work wonderful with other colors as they have shown on the photos.


Personally I do not like this package too much... I don't know if I should blame the package or because I am too weak? I had to use two hand to make the product come out. There application went smoothly, but I would have wished that I don't have to use so much strength to apply a lip tint.

Scent / Taste

I tried putting my nose really close to the product and I can't smell anything and I tried licking my lips with the lip tint on and it don't taste anything either. I am glad that it don't taste anything, so I can enjoy my food without any lip tint taste.


The product last well until you start eating or try to rub it off. Same as most other lip products, it's recommended to re-apply once after eating something.

Yes... I got a band aid on my face...


You can see that the shade is really close to my lip color, but if you take a closer look to the before and after photos. You will notice that applying this product gives a nice natural shade and cover up the imperfection of my lip. So I would recommend to any girls that want a natural look for their makeup. 

Where To Buy?

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

[Review] Etude House Hello Kitty Tender Powder

Etude House don't have many fragrance products, and here is one of them.
They have 3 different of fragrance for this series. 

I have been thinking for a long time and have a few review before picking the one I wanted. That I am not even sure if that's really the one I chooses in the end. But I was interested to know how all three smelled like anyway, so it doesn't matter too much for me.

Photo taken from cosmetic-love


The one I picked is called Sweet Floral Powdery and I can say that it smell exactly same as the name. It had a powdery and floral fragrance to it. To be honest I think it was a little too much of powdery smell for my taste. It will remind you a little of some baby products, which I know some peoples liked it a lot. If I will try another one, then I would have picked Floral Fruity Green.


The package is super cute, which I am planning to use it for something else after I am done with this product. Maybe I will put some other product in there instead, like lip balm or maybe I would put a earring/ necklace in there when I need to bring it with me somewhere.

Why use this instead of traditional liquid perfume?

I think it's much more easier to bring it with you whenever you need to re-apply it, instead of a glass bottle with liquid in it. That if not careful enough might get broken or spilled out. The only problem is that you need to put you finger on it and so recommended to use after washing your hand. It's a great product for when travelling too!

How long do the fragrance last?

It last around 3-4 hours for me, so it's good to bring it with you!

How To Use

It's just the same as any other perfume, they have some suggestion on the back side.

The photo below is where I would apply it.

 Etude House Hello Kitty Tender Powder

Recommend To Girls...

Want a cute package

Easy to bring 

Fragrance last 4 hours

Good for travel

Package that won't break

Not in liquid form

Where To Buy?

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

[Just Talk] Ur Made Up Face

Thanks to Joanne from UrHappyBunnie that invited me to make 
a post for her serie "Ur Made Up Face". 

Each week she will ask a beauty blogger to post about their daily makeups.
This is one of my daily make up!

This week is my turn!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

[Review] (Etude House) Look At My Eyes Cafe and (Aritaum) Sugar Wannabe Cushion Tint

I have seen many Korean styled makeups with pink shade eye shadow, but this is my first time trying it. Pink can be really cute and sweet, but using it wrongly can cause puffy eyes and look like it's infected... 

Before I have received many lip tint / sticks that are more in a red color, but I wanted to get something that looks more natural and so I have picked this Wannabe Cushion Tint with a shade called Sugar.

This lip tint include a cushion on the other end,
that you can use to smudge it to create a gradient look.

Gradient Look
 Honestly, you can see on the photos that I really tried making it. But you can hardly see any gradient, but I think it have something to do with the color I picked is actually really light and close to skin color. If it a red color, then it should be much more obvious.

 I have mentioned before that I don't like lipsticks that taste anything at all, because I cannot taste the food I am eating and feel like I am only eating the lipstick... and I have that problem with this lipstick. So I had to wipe it off  a bit before eating to taste my food.

 I have seen some photos about using this as a blusher and I tried it, you can see it on my full face photos. I think it's not bad and love that you can have different use of one product!

 You can easily leave mark on something like a cup while drinking, but since it's a tint. The color will still stay well on your lips.

 The one I used is called "Sugar", they have over 20 shades available!

 It have a slight sweet fragrance, but I had to put my nose like 1 cm from the lip tint to smell it.
I liked the fragrance!

Where To Buy?

Color: PK001
 A cute pink color!

There are many different way to use this eye shadow, but here is what I did!

What I did...

1. I used the pink eye shadow over my eyelid 

2. Dark brown as a eyeliner close to over eyelashes 
and 1/3 under.

3. White shimmer on the front part.

4. It was not shown on this photo,
I used a liquid eyeliner on over eyeliner.

 I don't think there is anything wrong with the pigment, but because this is really light shade. You have to use a lot to make it visible enough for a eye shadow. I have seen peoples using similar color as a shimmer too.

Natural Look
 The website says this product is mainly to create natural looks, so this might be the reason to the light shade, so it's a good product if you want natural looks.

 It's easier to apply it with a eye shadow brush and the color appear more vibrant too. The powder is in good form and won't get messy when applying. 

 They have around 17 different colors for this product.

Where To Buy?

Products Used :

Eye - -> Look At My Eyes Cafe PK001

Blush -- > Sugar Wannabe Cushion Tint

Lips --> Sugar Wannabe Cushion Tint

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

[Just Talk] Interview With Yomi!

My 4 minutes makeup, when I am in hurry...

Thanks to Sample Hime for interviewing me and I really appreciated it.

Some of the questions she asked me:

Where did you get the inspiration for your blog? You recently mentioned
 changing your blog name, right? Why do you want to change it?

What is your favorite Korean brand and which product specifically?

What is your favorite Western brand or brands, 
and what kind of products do you like to buy?

Where are you from, and if you don't mind my asking, 
what ethnicity are you?

If it's not too personal, how old are you?

I answered to more questions than these I mentioned above, so if you want to know more about me. Like how old I am and where I am etc... Then you can check out Sample Hime's interview post!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

[Review] BRILLIANT - Love Heart Lip Care 3 Step System

There are many girls that are using face mask, but how many of us are using lip mask, exfoliate and other products that take care of them? 

To be honest I don't do much, beside putting on something like lip balm and maybe exfoliate it once a month. Most girls that I know have not been taking care of their lips either... But also know that dried and chapped is not pretty with lip sticks on.

The website recommended this for natural makeups, because the more you take care of your skins. 
The less makeups you will need and then more natural beauty <3

Today I tried on a lip care 3 step system for the first time!

Lets see how it works!

Step 1. Exfoliate

Same as our faces, it's important to remove some dead skin cells before applying anything else for it to absorb. This is a really light exfoliation and my lips feel really dry afterwards... 

Step 2. Mask

This is a gel mask for the lips, the texture is really soft just like gel and it looks really fun with this on. Maybe would be nice to bring it on a girls night to take care of our lips together and take some fun photos together!

Just like normal face masks, this it moisturizing and it sit really tight to your skin.  

5 sheets in one package

Step 3. Lip Essence

The lip essence have high moisture for your lips and have a slight tint to make your lips looks more pretty. This product also claim to increase vitamin A&E and calming lips for damaged skin layers.

My Thought

I think it's important to take care of our lips as other parts of our skins. I feel weird when I see someone with really dried and chapped lips, they don't even put on lip balms... and it was not pretty to look it.

I like how this package include all 3 important steps together.

It works well for me, but you will at least need to do it once or twice a week to make it last. I know that's not something many of us girls can manage to do... but if you want natural and pretty lips, then you should defiantly go for it and give it a try!

Where To Buy?

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[Review] Etude House Play Color Eyes No.2


Etude House don't have many eye shadows palette, but here is a lovely one from them. As they have stated on the product name, play play play! They include many fun colors that you can do mix and match with and can have fun playing with it!

I have wanted to try this palette since I saw this on etude house facebook page and I luckily got sponsored by Alice from W2beauty. She is a really lovely girl that started her own online business to sell Korean cosmetics. She is really friendly, and talking with her is like talking with a friend.


They have released two palette for this series and this ones color is more close to daily use. The main color is brown and pinks, there are some matte and some with glitter that can make your eyes beautifully. I have only used it a few times and still learning how to use all of these colors... But it's fun to do something new and create new looks !

I think the pigmentation is good enough for me.

Etude House Play Color Eyes eyeshadow palette 2 swatches
Etude House promote photo

I am afraid that my photos were not clear enough, 
so I included their promote photo and so you can compare them.

 Example Of How To Play:

I know there still many different ways to use this palette!

My Thought

I have only played with this palette a few this, but I already loved it!  It might not be the perfect eye shadow palette you can get out there, but I liked the colors and there is not anything that I really don't like about this palette. 

If I have to say one thing negative about it, then it's the eye shadows can easily become powdery on the palette, so have to be careful while using or it can get a little messy.

Recommend to girls....

Daily Eye shadow Palette

Easy to use

Matte + glitter in one palette

Different look in one palette

Experiment with eye shadow colors

Try a Korean palette

Make up beginners

Don't mind  can become powdery and a little messy

Have you tried it? 

What do you think about it?

Where To Buy?

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[Giveaway] Win a $30 Gift Card from Wizards Of The West

This lovely giveaway are sponsored by wizards of the west
They are a online shop that are selling many different trendy clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories.  

Banner Code
(Same as first photo)

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

[Review] Apieu Kissable Tint Stick SPF 15 PK01

This is my first time trying A Pius product, I actually have never heard about this brand before Alice from W2beauty recommended it on her interview. That made me want to try this brands product out and this lip tint is on the top of most popular product list on W2beauty.

Colors : It has a really cute pink color and it's build able as I have shown on the photo from above. I tried to put on three layers of the lip tint. But if I use it daily then I think even the 1-2 layers were enough for me. It almost feels like I have more than one lipstick, because of building the color makes it a little different.

Here is a list of all colors they have! The one I have is PK01!

Moisture : When I normally use a lipstick or lip tint, would I need to put on lib balm too. But I did not need to do it with this one, it's already moisturizing enough for my lips and can almost use it as a lip balm with color.

Lasting : It last well until you start eating, I think the color are still acceptable. But you will at least need to reapply once to keep away from dryness, since while eating have taken away the outer part of it.

Taste : It have no taste, so you don't need to feel like eating lipstick while you are eating...

Fragrance  :It has a girls sweet smell, like candies and strawberry. It's hard to describe a smell, but I liked it anyway.

(No circle lenses)

My Thought

I already loved it from the first time applying this on, because it's so moisturizing and the color is so lovely. I am glad that I decided to try this product and I will defiantly want to try more products from this brand! 

I usually don't like makeups with fragrance, but you don't really smell it after it's applied after about a minute. I think the smell was nice too, so it did not bother me at all. I also love how the texture is so light to be compared to a normal lipstick!

Recommend to girls that are looking for....

 A cute lip tint

Build able color

SPF 15

Light texture

Won't leave visible mark on cups

Sweet fragrance


No taste

Where To Buy?

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed it with my honest opinion.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

[Tips / Video] Top 5 Products in 2013

This is my first 2014 video!

I am planning to make more videos from now on and hope this one will be a good start.
I have been reading many post about other lovely girls favorite products and makes me really want to share some too, here is of course not everything. But it's some stuffs I have been using a lot in 2013 and loved it!

I know it's not perfectly made, but I already worked hard on it.

and am still new with videos, so if you liked my videos.

Please subscribe, comment and like as encouragement!
It means a lot to me <3

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[Giveaway] Win a Beautiful Pearl Tiara

This lovely giveaway is sponsored by Myesoul

Myesoul is a online retailer store that are mainly selling Lolita , Wedding and Cosplay clothing.
If you are into Lolita and Cosplay, then maybe you would want to take look into their shop!

Require minimum 20 to participate!! 

Open worldwide

Banner Code:
(Remember to enter info on rafflecopter)

This is a sponsored post from with my unbised thoughts.

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[Photo] Two Piece Sets Hat Design Loose Denim Jackets and Cotton Waistcoat

It's been a while since I have taken full shoots, 
mainly because it's difficult with the light since there are hardly sunlight over here in winter time... 

So What do you think about it?


Denim Jacket

The denim Jacket cost $17.25
Can be found here

 The product were sponsored by MartofChina

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

[Review] How Long Do Adorfee Black Eyeliner last?

Yesterday I reviewed about a Chinese branded 
eyeliner that cost only $3.99.

Some of you girls asked me how long it can last, so I tried it today and looked into the mirror to check my eyeliner whenever I get to see one. These photos were taken 7 hours after I have applied the eyeliner, it smudged a little bit... but not too big difference from when I applied it.

But once I rubbed it lightly...
everything faded away like I used a makeup remover.

What about Oily Lids?
Seriously, I have really oily lids! There are many eyeliner that gets all smudged and panda eyes after around 4 hours! So I think the result is not bad for the price you have to pay for.
I used a light eyes shadow over the eyeliner to make it last longer.

So I think the result is...

It's all good if you don't rub your eyes and don't touch any waters!

I only did a light makeup today 
and I hope it was enough to answer your questions!

If you have not read my yesterdays review yet, you can read Full Review now!

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