Saturday, March 29, 2014

[Collaboration] Sunny in MRMR Makeup Tutorial

Thanks to Charmaine for making this collaboration and invited me with her !

I am actually not familiar with SNSD members and because Sunny is one of them that appear more on variety shows. It become easier for me to recognize her and so I have chosen her in this collaboration!

I hardly have any pink clothing, so I used a light gray dress and colored it with photoshop.

Many of the girls have not posted their tutorial up yet, but we are suppose to do it today and everyone have different time zone. So if you don't see the tutorial yet, then maybe you can check their blog again on the next day!

Taeyeon ~ Charmaine

Sooyoung ~ Mindy

Hyoyeon ~ Misa

Jessica ~ Mary

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

[Review] BornPrettyStores Stamp and Delicate Hollowed-out Vine Butterfly Pattern Stamping Plate

Since it was released, I have always wanted to try this out.
But it was difficult to buy it at that time and not many store were selling it online either. 
I finally got a chance to try out stamping nail art!

This is sponsored by Bornprettystore, they are a online retailer shop that are 
selling many nail art products in a really reasonable price.
 If you are into nail art, then you have to check them out!

The stamp and stamping plate can be bought separately 

This stamping plate is called  Delicate Hollowed-out Vine Butterfly Pattern.

I think the pattern is really cute, but at the same time it's not too childish. 
It would look great with a contrasted color on background.

Cost: $ 2.99
Find it Here

This stamp have two side that can be used.

This red side is smaller and the other one is bigger.
The only difference is that it would be easier to pick up small pattern with this one.

I have watched other blogger and hardly anyone are using the scraper.

Then I tried using bank card as many other blogger and youtuber have been using.
It's actually better to use your own card than that scraper...
Because the bank card edge is more sharp,
 it will get more easily clean off the remaining nail polish.

Cost: $ 4.46
Find it Here

Here is a 1 minute video of me using the products!

I only used a normal white polish, but it was difficult to pick up the nail polish with the stamp.
I think it might be better with a stamping nail polish that are designed for it.

Use this code for 10% off on your purchase!

Note: The product on this post were sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Introduce My Monthly Advertiser

I think most of you that like Korean cosmetics have already visited Misa's blog or maybe already following her. We started blogging in the same year and I did not expect that we would become close blogger friend. Whenever I have questions related to blogging, she would be one of the first person I ask for advice and she will always tell me everything she know.

She is so nice that I think even if you have any questions, she would reply all of you in a friendly manner.

Misa's Recent Blog Post

Misa is into gyaru style and she recently collaborated with other beauty blogger for Sakurina Makeup Tutorials. Even if you are not into gyraru style, it's still interesting to know how they put on the makeup.

Bella is more into the natural beauty style.

She post many different of beauty product reviews and always take really beautiful photos. I see that she often try to use daylight for her photos to show us the real color of the products and make everything prettier with high quality.  

Bella's Recent Post

There you can see how beautiful Bella's photos look like!
I think even her blog design and photos are all about simple and natural beauty.

Lisa is rather newer to the beauty blogging community to be compared to the other two. So it would be really nice if you would give her a visit and show her some love.

She is posting many different brand of reviews and some of her recent ones are Japanese branded. I have read some of her posts and I think it's detailed. It was good enough to satisfy what you would want to know about a  beauty product.

Lisa's Recent Post

Her is a post for Lisa's haul from last month!
There is a short intro about each products.

When you have time... pay them a visit and leave a comment! You are morel likely to find something interested in there and maybe they will become your next blogging friend!

Interested to become one of my monthly advertiser?
Price $1-5

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[Review] 1 Day Acuvue Define Vivid Style (UV Blocking)

Have you seen the commercial from Acuvue for this product? 
I have seen it multiple times on television. 

Last time I reviewed a freshlook color lenses that are similar to this one. Both are color lenses and daily lenses, that makes them much more comfortable than circle lenses and less chance to get eye infection. They look more natural, that peoples won't question you about the lenses you are wearing, but at the same time it gives a change that make your pupils to appear bigger and your eyes to look more pretty.


Klenspop included a solution that makes the lenses more comfortable to wear. 

Last time I mentioned about you can re-use the daily lenses one time and I think that's why they included a lens case for me this time. 

15 pairs of daily color lenses.

Use one pair of daily lenses for two days?

I have done a little search about that online and found that the main difference between daily lenses and monthly lenses, is that the material that are used on monthly lenses can tolerate more before it gets torn. If you are careful, then I don't see why it will get problem after using it one time. I also think it get more easily dry after the first use and the solution they provided can help to solve that problem. You simply put a few drops on the lenses before wearing it.

I have even tried to use it on the third day, but then it will start to get uncomfortable. 
So I won't recommend anyone to do it.

This is first time I have used a lenses with UV Blocking!

I think protecting our eyes from the UV light is really important. But there are hardly any sun at where I am living now, so maybe I should save it for the summer?

Wear it for over 8 hours 

I don't recommend to wear over 8 hours, but honestly who would take it off right after school or work? I can only wear circle lenses for about 5 hours before it start to irritate my eyes. But with this type of color lenses, it won't start to feel discomfort before 8 hours and you can use eye drops to make it even longer.

The pattern is really pretty and it will be slightly shown on your eyes.

Why are color lenses more comfortable than circle lenses?

I think the main reason is because of the material is much thinner than circle lenses and contain more water. Because this is daily lenses and get throw away after a day, it won't get dirty so easily that makes it more comfortable and less chance to get eye infection. While most circle lenses can be used for 3 months to 1 year, so the material they used is much more durable and also thicker. 

Different between Freshlook and Acuvue

The difference between Freshlook and Acuvue is that Acuvue have bigger in
 diamater 14.2mm while Freshlook have 13.8mm. 

Acuvue have UV blocking, while Freshlook don't have it.

The pattern between the two lenses is slightly different

I recommend to girls that want.....

Comfortable than circle lenses

Make pupils bigger 14.2mm

UV Blocking

Daily Color Lens

Natural Looking color lenses 

Comfortable to wear for 8 hours +

With Prescription 

Sensitive Eyes

This color lenses cost $34 and can be bought from Klenspop

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

[Review] Isadora Peel Off Base Can Help You To Take Off Nail Polish In 1 minute!

It takes only 1 minute to take off all nail polish you have on! I have always been a lazy person to use normal nail polish remover and it would damage our nails too. So it was tempting for me to try this product out!

This product is really useful if you want to take it off quickly and only need the nail polish for 1-2 days. Mine got rubbed off when I wash my hair.

  I took a 2 minute long of video about how to use it from applying it and taking it off!

What do you think?

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Monday, March 10, 2014

[Giveaway] Win $80 Gift Credit from Jollychic!

Thanks to Jollychic for sponsoring this giveaway to my lovely readers!

I think this is first time I got offered to so high amount of a giveaway. Jollychic is a online store that are selling popular clothing, shoes, accessories and bags in a reasonable price! 

If this giveaway goes well, then I will get a chance to try out their products.
So help me to spread this giveaway around <3

This giveaway is open worldwide!

You have to finish all three mandatory entries 
to participate in this giveaway.
When picking the winner, I will check the entries manually.

Banner Code

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

[Giveaway] Win $ 25 Gift Card from Sammydress (International)

Thanks to Sammydress for sponsoring another giveaway!

They are a online retailer shop that are selling many trendy products in a affordable price. 
I have previously reviewed a few of their products and it seems to be in good quality. 

Here is one of the product I have received from them and I have reviewed.

You have to finish all three mandatory entries 
to participate in this giveaway.
When picking the winner, I will check the entries manually.

Banner Code

This giveaway is open worldwide!

End on 20 March!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

[Tutorial] Cheon Song Yi Inspired Makeup Tutorial from You Who Came From The Stars

You who came from the stars is a popular Korean drama that just ended and the main actress makeup have been a trend. In this drama, her makeup were simple and natural. She used a variety of beautiful lipsticks, that got sold out really quickly in Korea. 

I am not using the makeup products she have used, but most products I am using is Korean branded too and I tried to recreate her look in this video!

Click the photo to watch it!

Did you watch this drama too?

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

[Review] Accesories and Top from Dresslily

Everything from the above photo were sponsored by Dresslilly.

They are another online retailer shop that are selling products in a amazing prize and they claim to produce high quality products. This is my first time receiving products from them and the quality seems to be good. 

Size: M
They only have M-L available.
I normally wear Small, so it become a bit loose for me. 
But since this design is suppose to be a little loose, so I think it's fine. 


It's soft and nicely sewed together.
I often see some uncut strings or loosely sewed together in many products, that are in this price range. But as you can see from above's photo, this one don't have these problem.

Material:  Led Tin Alloy

A beautiful Necklace with floral pattern.
This necklace looks nice and are made in high quality.
It's slightly bigger than most necklace, but it's not heavy and it's not too much for daily wear.

Material: Alloy, Rhinestone and Faux Pearl

This lovely ring have 3 colors; white, pink and black.
They look exactly same, beside the flower have different colors.
The one I have on my photos is pink!

The size is slightly too big for me, but because there are 3 fingers.
It become more steady and won't fall off so easily as the normal rings that are for one finger
The price for this ring is really cheap and the quality seems to be good too.

Note: The products were sponsored for review, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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