Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[Giveaway] Win 2014 Latest Fashion from Sammydress

This giveaway are sponsored by Sammydress

Sammydress are a online retail company are selling fashionable clothes in a reasonable price. 
They are claiming to sell high quality clothes with a low price.

You have to finish all mandatory entries to enter!
If you did not do these 3 entries, 
then all of your entries will be deleted.

(Same as the first photo)

PS. I got a new instagram @yomisayhi

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Monday, December 30, 2013

[Just Talk] Yomi's Week In London

All photos are taken by Yomi at Hyde Park's Christmas Night market.

Last week I traveled to London and spend my Christmas over there with my family. We went to one of the biggest night market in London and spend a whole day in there. There are so much things to see, eat and play. We actually did not have enough time to look at every single shops, and there are so much interesting stuffs to see. 

We bought these light holder in the photos.

I also bought a tube of fake snow that are almost in powder form and turn into fake snow with water. The sales let us hold it in our hand and it was amazing to feel it grow into fake snow.

Boxing Day

It was boxing day while I spend my days in London, so of course more or less there will be some shopping. But we only got to spend one day on shopping, so I did not really get to buy everything I wanted to get... But I still got a little of everything like clothes, makeups, snacks and more...

I will show you more of the things I have bought later!

Have you been to any night market in this Christmas?

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

[Just Talk] Merry Christmas !

Hi, What are you doing on your Christmas day?

This is a scheduled post, at the time when you reading this... I should be having fun in London!
I will try to update my twitter and instagram, so find me if you have not followed me yet!

Instagram @gwiyomistyle
Twitter @Yomistyle

Tell me about your Christmas!

Tweet me if you want me to look at your photos
 or just a simply update for me about you!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

[Tips] Beauty Bloggers Holiday Collaboration Links Up

Enchanting Christmas Makeup from Lala's Wonderland (Ade)

Red Heart Christmas Look from Misaraisu (Misa)

Christmas Manicure from Thehappysloths (Jasmine)

Christmas Earring D.I.Y. from Gwiyomistyle (Yomi)

Festive Green Makeup Look from UrHappyBunnie (Joanne)

I am glad to have a chance to work with these lovely girls, everyone did a great job!
So remember check out their post for this Christmas collaborations!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

[ D.I.Y / Tutorial] Beauty Bloggers Holiday Collaboration - ( Christmas Earring )

It's been a while since I have done a D.I.Y post 

This one is a collaboration with some other beauty bloggers,
 we will post up everyone's photo soon!

Since Christmas are coming soon, so it will be a Christmas D.I.Y!

What You Need

Air dry clay
Oil paint
D.I.Y earring


1. Mix the colors and clay

2. Make it into a small ball, then longer and press it flat

3. Use a scissor to create some pattern

4. Glue it to the earring base

5. Make the reds into small ball and glue them on top

Tips: Use invincible nail paint to make it glow and protect it.

I originally wanted to make something a little more advanced than that, but I could not find the glue and only used nail paint to make them stick together. Which makes is really hard for me to make something more difficult...

But I hope you liked it and I will try to make something better next time!

What do you think?

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

[Review] Dazzling Pearl decorated false nail tips

This is my first time using designed false nail tips.

The design of these designed nail tips looks really pretty and I bought some two tape for nail tips. Because I don't really want to use it for long and these tape would be less damaging for your nails and easier to remove than the glue they provide.


The tape is really easy to use, it's just like a two sided tape. I just removed the top paper on the second photo and it become like a gel like glue. Then you only need to find a tip that are in the same size and put it on.

My Cat 

I don't really know why, but she keep standing on these places that I am taking photos. I have a really strong light there, so I don't know why she would want to sleep in front of the light. The only reason I can come up with is that she is seeking for attention... She have become the background for some of my photos and she is actually sleeping on some of my nail tips. 

Lasting : I did not try using it for long, because it was hard for me to do a lot of things. So I just took it off on the next day. I have read about it somewhere else about that using that tape can last around 3 days and almost a week with the glue.

Comfort : Probably because it's my first time using it and I normally don't save so long nails either. So it was a bit difficult to do anything. I had a hard time to take off my necklace and had to use a pen to open my camera screen lid. So I think it's only about getting used to it.

What Yomi Think...

I liked this false nail tips, because it's really pretty and easy to put it on. I only used 15 minutes to put on all of these fake tips, so it would be great for special parties? When you want to feel and look really girly, elegant and pretty.

I love how it's already designed and even have some 3d decorations on it.

I know some girls that can do a lot of things with these fake nail tips on too, but since I did not need to show it off in my daily life, it's better for me to just take it off and do things easier.

This lovely nail tip is sponsored by Bornprettystore that are selling a lot of nailart.
But it looks like they are fixing something on the shop at the moment, so I cannot find this product again and a lot of things are not appearing at the moment. It should be normal again in a few days...

Note: One of the product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Review] 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment

3 Concept Eyes lip pigment can be used on both the eyes and lips.
So I tried using it on both and it gives a pretty cute look.

Maybe it's not  a color I would want to wear on my eyes on daily life, but once in a while it's nice to have some color and changes in your make up routine.


A tube of lip pigment
One small lip brush


Firstly I am sorry over that  I did not apply it evenly on the upper part, so please ignore it.
It's a pink color that are close to barbies pink shade. 

I liked the shade, but I did not really like that it's a little sticky as many lip gloss.
Recommend to use a little translucent powder to make it less sticky 
and more long lasting.

Lasting : Using on lips last me well until I start to drink or eat, then I might need to re-apply a little. But since the lip brush have a cap, makes it easier to bring it with you for a quick touch up.


I draw it like a eyeliner over my black eyeliner, you won't feel the stickiness if you don't apply a thick line or apply a lot of the product. Personally I liked it and will probably use it once in a while.

Lasting :  When you are using it on your eyes it can lasts for a whole day if you don't touch it with your hands 


There are many other shades and they can be mixed together to create a new shade! So maybe I will get some other colors later so I can have fun mixing the colors!


It have a really light fragrance, but I had to put my nose like 3 cm away to smell it and I cannot smell it when I am using it on my lips either. 

This product is sponsored by Bornprettystory that are mainly selling nail art products, but I cannot find this product on their shop anymore. So I am not sure where you can find it online, but probably not hard if you search for it.

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[Review] Rings and Things

Rings and things sent the product out randomly to reviewers, so I did not know what I was going to get. I received something simple, but it can add up something on your fashion. 

 I will talk more about what I think about each products under.

The whole look

Infinity Bracelet

I think it would look nice with a t-shirt look and something casual. But I did not like how I need to close it to smaller size. If you looked at the whole picture from above, you will know what I mean. It was a bit difficult for me to drag it by myself. I can manage to do it, but it takes a little of time.

Cost £3.50

Long Bar Necklace

 Same as the one from above, it's nice for a casual and simple look. When I received the product, there are a really tiny piece of the color that's gone. I highlighted it on the photo from above, but it might just be an accident that I received it like that and it's hardly noticeable for other peoples when you are wearing it.

Cost £4.5

Infinity Ring and Twist Arrow Ring

I personally liked the twist arrow ring more, because it looks more chic and I normally prefer silver colors over golden. But they have silver ring for the infinity in the shop too. The only problem I have with these rings is about the size is too big for my small fingers. Both of them are in the same size and only suitable for my thumb and actually a little bit too big for my thumbs too, but acceptable. 

You can see that my thumb is around 3 cm thick.

In overall... I am grateful that I got a chance to try out these lovely products, but I am not completely satisfied with them.

But I would recommend it to girls that want something simple and in a reasonable price. If you would not mind some small cons that are hardly noticeable for other beside the user then it's defiantly not a bad buy.

Note: The products on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

[Tips / Tutorial] 2NE1 Missing You MV Makeup Inspired Tutorial (Yomi as Minji)

This is first time I collaborate with other blogger for make up tutorial and first time I try to imitate a kpop idols makeup. As most of you know, I am not really good with makeups and still learning it. 

But it was really fun to do this makeup tutorial and hope you will like it too!

Remember to visit the other lovely girls and check out how they did their makeups!

I wanted to record a video, but failed at first attempt and then did not have enough time.
So I only putted the photos together and used "Missing You" as background music.

If you liked my video, it will be encouraging if you can subscribe and give a thumbs up!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Review] Glam Eye Iris Black

Glam Eye

Glam Eye have been one of my favorite circle lenses brand and they have many different circle lenses to choose from. They mainly going for a natural look, so most colors are black, gray or brown.

Without Prescription

One of the main reason to why I won't wear this outdoor is because they don't provide prescription with their lenses and that makes it harder for me. Because I have near sight that I can hardly see any text or signs without glasses or lenses with prescription. 

But if you don't need prescriptions, 
then I heard that it's actually more comfortable to wear.


This pair of circle lenses is sponsored by beautylenses and they include a lens case with a paper instruction about how to use them correctly without hurting your eyes.


They have some pattern on the circle lenses, but I think it's not so notice able after wearing it. Unless you look really close into it. You can see that on the photo below.

1 year lenses

This is a one year lenses, but as most other lenses. 
It's not recommend to wear more than 3 months after it's opened.


The diameter of this Iris black circle lenses is 14 mm.
It make my eyes to appear bigger and more awake.


One of the most important point is how comfortable it's to wear. 

I like Glam Eye because the comfort it provide is close to Geo circle lenses, which is one of the most high quality one year circle lenses that are available online.  But I can only use it for photos, because they don't provide prescription with Glam Eye. There are some peoples saying without prescription is more comfy for our eyes, so maybe it helps.

Where To Buy?

Glam Eye Iris Black can be bought from beautylenses
with $24.90

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[Just Talk] To my dear followers: Can you help Yomi to think of a new blog name? and learn a little about my current blog name.

Hi Hi!

I have been thinking about it a lot recently if I should change my blog name.

If you don't know what my current blog name means 
"gwiyomi" = Cute (informal) in Korean

Why I picked my current blog name
I picked that name because I started with Korean makeup reviews in the beginning, so I wanted something related to Korean in my blog name too. 

Why I want to change it
But as I have blogged for half year, I figured that I don't make up to that blog name... Because peoples that visit here for the first time would expect my blog to me more Korean styled and cute. I don't want them to come here and get disappointed.

Yomi come from gwiyomistyle
I did not want to use my real name on my blog, so I picked the word Yomi from my blog name. It actually sounds like a Japanese name and I liked it after using it for a while.

So I am planning to use Yomi on my new blog name. 
But I cannot only use that word, as it's already been used by other peoples.
But I still want to use it and add other words behind or after that.

Do you have any suggestions for little me?

Looking forward to your ideas <3

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yomis Choose Of Winter Collection From Aupie

Winter is coming and it's about time to buy new 
and warm clothes!

 European Style Stand Collar Camel Double Breasted Middle Long Woolen Coat $69.99
Vintage Totem Patterns White High Low Fashion Sweater  $43.99
Vintage Lovely Eagle Pattern Shoulder Messenger Bag   $60.99
 Wool Lining Lace Up Chestnut Leather Short Snow Boots $49.99

I went trough the Aupie shop and picked almost one product from each categorize they have. I tried picking something that I think will looks good together and hope that you liked it too.

Do you like it too?

Note: Aupie is my new sponsor and this is a advertise post.
But I am not getting any payment for it.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

[Review] Dolly Matte Mineral Powder

I normally prefer glowing skin, because it makes your skin looks healthier. 
But too much will make it looks oily and too much reflection while taking photos.

Before and After

I used the powder lightly over the left side of my face, I did not touch the eye area so it won't be too matte. You can see the one without the powder looks more glowing.

 But maybe a little too much on the upper cheek area?

So I normally would use some powder lightly over a small area of my face to tune it down, 
just like the left side on the photo.


The package were a little misshaped when I received it, probably because of the shipping. That don't bother me too much, because I will take the product out of it once I receive it anyway. And it actually looks pretty cute <3

Since the instruction is in Japanese, I did not understand anything...
But I think there are not many different way of using a mineral powder?



They include a small and cute puff inside, which you can use easily. If you have used a mineral powder in this type of package, you will know that it will become a little messy when you use it.

How It Works

Shade :  Personally I liked it, because it's not like most of the Korean branded foundation or powder that were too light for my skin tone. This one is a little darker than most I have used and closer to my real skin tone.

Lasting : I have used it once outdoor for around 5 hours and it was not much change after I got home. So I think it help the whole foundation to stay better on your face!

Oil Control : During these 5 hours I needed one light re-touch to avoid getting oily skin, but I think it's common for most powder and it's easy to carry this powder with you for a quick re-touch anytime you need it.

You can buy this product at thedollyeye.com
for $25

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[Review] Geo Magic Black Circle Lenses

Geo's circle lenses is one of the most popular circle lenses with highest quality and it has been one of my favorite circle lenses brand since I have tried it.

I was lucky to get sponsored by Angelcontacts with this pair of lovely circle lenses.
Angel contacts include a pretty and small package with a instruction and a circle lenses case.
I think the package was made in high quality and I used it store other small objects.


It will show your eye color on the middle part of the circle lenses with a pretty pattern, to be compared to a brown lenses, this is more bold and gave a mysterious feeling.

I am wearing the Geo Fresh Brown contact lenses on the left eye.
and Geo Magic Black circle lenses on  my Right eye.

You can tell that the brown circle lenses looks more natural and the black circle lenses
 makes it looks more sharp and bold.

If you have not read my review for Geo Fresh Brown contact lenses yet.
You can do it now! Click Here


If you have read my other review for the brown lenses, you will know that this is one of the most comfortable circle lenses brand I ever have tried. Especially with prescriptions! I have tried wearing this over 6 hours without discomfort.

You can clearly see that I have a little redness in my eye, but it's mainly caused by leak of sleep. It was like 90% the same even before wearing this lenses.


This pair of circle lenses cost $29

It's honestly a little more expensive than most circle lenses I have reviewed before, but the quality is really noticeable after first time wearing it. I do not think I will be able to review these that cost something like $15 anymore... Even if I won't get sponsored for this brand anymore, and if can't find anything better.

 I will probably spend my own money to repurchase it.
But for now, these two pair of circle lenses can last me for a few months 
(Recommend 3 months)!

You can find Geo Magic Black in Here

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

[Giveaway] 2 Winners for a $50 gift card from cosmetic-love!

It's Christmas soon, so I have gathered a few lovely bloggers to make a better giveaway for our readers!

Ade - Lala's Wonderland                        Joanne - Urhappybunnie

                             Jasmine - The happy Sloths                         Misa - Misaraisu

I love all of their blogs! <3

Put a banner on your sidebar and remember to finish that entry on rafflecopter!

CODE For The Banner
If the banner is too big for your sidebar, you can re-size it.
But remember to link back to this post!

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