Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[Review] Handmade Black Natural Lower Eyelash and Black Glamour Eyelashes

Eyelashes can make a huge difference for you eyes... It's upsetting that I have really short eyelashes as you can see on my photo. It's so short that I can hardly curl it and even mascara don't help it much.

I normally don't use fake eyelashes, but it would be nice to have it on parties or some special events?

1st Photo - Nude, I have heard peoples saying it looks like I don't have eyelashes.

2nd Photo - Handmade Black Glamour Eyelashes

3rd Photo - Black Glamour Eyelashes + Black Natural Lower Eyelash 

4th Photo - Black Glamour Eyelashes + Black Natural Lower Eyelash cute in smaller pieces

I think the lower eyelashes were too dramatic for my taste, 
so I cut it in smaller pieces for a more natural look.

Note. The glue were not completely dried when I took the photos.
That's why there are slightly white, but the steam is transparent.

Side view

Black Glamour Eyelashes 

 Black Natural Lower Eyelash 

Both lovely fake eyelashes were sponsored by KKcenterhk that are selling over 1000 different fake eyelashes. Both of the fake eyelashes I review on this post is already

If you like eyelashes, then you can always visit them for other fake eyelashes.
Maybe you will find some that suit you.

Note. The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed it with my own opinion.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[Review] Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher


Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher is a multi  purpose blusher
that makes your face lovely like Minnie Mouse!

(I used daylight for all photos in this post, finally sunny enough for it!)

How To Use:

A: Peach Color, Shy baby face
B: Pink Color, Sweet and lovely chic
C: Purple Color, Covering blemishes 

C = Lovely and attractive baby color!


The outer package of this blusher is super cute and filled with
 Minnie symbol and cute bows in a lovely pink color.

I would have wished that the inside ones were so cute and lovely too...
But it become slightly less childish when you bring it out with you.

It's simple and easy to open 

Then there is a super cute Minnie inside!

But sadly after using it 4-5 times, my Minnie's face is already starting to disappear.
Later it will only look like the Minnie symbols without faces, which is still cute.

A super light perfume smell, had to be 1 cm close to smell it.
Not noticeable while using it on faces.

Bright color!


I think it gives a natural cute pink color, which I have been using in the past few days.
I tried adding more purple on blemish area, it won't cover your blemish up.
But it will help to tune it down and makes it looks better.

Because of the light shade, it will harder to get too much pigmentation on your cheek, which often happens with other blushes.

I have only used 4 blushes before this one, and this will be my favorite for now!

Where To Buy?

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