Sunday, June 3, 2012

[Review] Lioele's BB Cream Beyond The Solution

 I bought this BB cream because I saw many positive review about this product online. I bought the 30gram from E-bay and asked my sister to buy the 50gram when she traveled to China.

I have been using it almost everyday since I bought the small one and it still have some left on the tube.

 The consistent is really light and moisturize a bit more than the other brand I have used before. I have sensitive and dry skin, so a normal foundation is normally too heavy for me. The scent have a slight perfume smell and personally I think it's nice. I would not like it if the scent is too strong.

I smeared the BB cream on my hand and you can see that it covered my green blood vessels. I have redness on skin and some acne, but this BB cream can cover it well without concealer. I do pat a little more on the spots that need extra coverage.  The only con about this product is that it don't protect you from the sun, so I do not use it on a sunny day and use another BB cream I bought recently. You can probably find it on another BB cream review.

I recommend this product to everyone!



  1. I have this BB cream too It works really well and I'm loving it.. it's not too dewy nor dry as well..

    I added you up on my bloglovin!!

    Loving your blog! I hope to keep in touch with you :)))

  2. This is one of the BB creams I didn't try yet, but I want to do in future. Thanks for the review!

    1. You should try it out.

      This is my favorite BB cream!

  3. I've heard a lot 'bout this bb cream, I was thinking buying this too, but cancel it since it's no SPF.
    I'm using Skinfood Afternoon tea bb cream now. It's also have low SPF but it's so good ^.^
    Love your blog ^.^ following you too on Bloglovin & GFC.

    1. You should give this one a try! They produced a new one with SPF now!! Thanks for following me, I will follow back!

      hope to see you more around!

  4. I love this BB cream too, Yomi! The lack of SPF doesn't bother me since I use Neutrogena sunblock under this BB cream. I've emptied mine already so I'm using Neutrogena's now. :)

  5. great review! i've been wanting to try this bb cream out!

    1. I am almost finish with my second tube!!

  6. This looks like it's a perfect match for yellow toned skins. Some of the BB creams I tried all look pale. Maybe I should ebay this one too!

    I followed you on bloglovin and gfc. Love your blog!


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