Monday, June 4, 2012

[Review] Lioele's Waterdrop Sleeping Pack

I do not remember where I bought this product, but it's probably one of these I purchased from eBay.

This is  sleeping mask that you can put it on after cleaning your face before going to bed. When you wake you on the next day it will moisturize and tighten your skin. Many peoples claim that it helps to make their face less swollen on the morning. 

The texture is really light and when I smear it lightly on my skin. You can see that will form into water drops and after massaging it lightly, the product will be absorbed quickly and there are not sticky feeling like some other mask gives.

I do not know if this really helps with the v-line. But it do helps to moisture my skin and use it the day before I will put make up on.


  1. thank you for the review~ been debating whether to get this or the Laneige sleeping pack. might end up getting both now ^-^

    1. I highly recommend Laneige sleeping pack over this!!

  2. I have something like this for laneige and i think they work the same thing. :)

  3. I've been wanting to try this out!

  4. I got this one too! Except I didn't find it effective and now I'm using the Laneige water sleeping pack which works wonder!


    1. I agree that Laneige is better =)


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