Sunday, October 12, 2014

MEMEBOX Special #33 K-Style 2

I am happy that Memebox are open for international buyers again!
I bought one box before they closed for international shipping and for about a week ago. I received a message from them that asked me to review their new K Style box.

Memebox is the first beauty box that have Korean makeups.

Special K-Style box can be used to recreate a Korean celebs beauty look.
That mean you will prettier and at the same time your make up will look natural!

They included 6 products, some full sized product and some are samples.

I am glad that they include a paper that introduce all of the products to us in English.

I will show you some more detailed photo
 of the products and how I used them!

10 Cushion Foundation

I am not showing many photos of this product.
But I used this on my first photo on this post and you can see that my face is slightly
 brighter than my neck part and more glowing.

Coverage: 2/5
It's enough to cover some redness of my sensitive skin. 
But I need some bb cream with higher coverage or concealer 
to cover some acne scars.

But if you don't have too much that need to be covered, 
then it's better with products that give less coverage and looks more natural.

I tried using the products as they have mentioned on the paper.

(More under....)

Shara Shara Color Eye Stick
(Sugar Pink)

I am bad with using eye shadows and I find color eye stick to give a more soft and natural look. I love to bring one with me at vacations.

You don't need to bring a whole eye shadow palette with you and don't need brushes.
You can soften it with your fingers!

Pantone Shadeliner 
It can be blended with the color eyestick and I love that they have a sharpener 
on the bottom to make everything so much easier for us!

I used it on water line.

Luxe Mirror Eyeliner

This is only my second liquid eyeliner, so I am not really good at using it.
I had to remove my whole eye make up once, because I messed it up with my first time using it.

But it already worked fine with my second try, so I probably only need
a little more practice with it.

Lasting: 4/5
I think it lasted me a whole day without smudging.

Package: 5/5
This is my first time seeing a eyeliner have a mini mirror!
It's really useful when you don't have a big mirror with you and you need to reapply it.

Easy to draw: 5/5
The brush is thin and easy to control.

In overall... 
I love this eyeliner and will use 
liquid eyeliner more from now on!

Secret Star Girl Secret 2 set
Two pair of eyelashes + glue

Left : After above makeup

Right : Makeup + Eyelashes

You know that I am almost a no eyelashes person and eyelashes can make
 your eye look so much more pretty and feminine !

This pair of eyelashes won't look too fake or too much.
It's one of the most natural one I have tried so far.

Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer

This is a combination of lip gloss, lip tint and lipstick.
It can be applied on your whole lip for a more vibrant color.

I only applied in middle and smudge it with my fingers.
Because I want a softer look and gradient lip color.

I liked all products that are in this beauty box from Memebox!!

What do you think?

Would you want to purchase it?

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  1. Great box! I always love Memebox's surprises!

  2. the box contains some nice products. So it was a good deal I guess :) Thanks for showing us. the eyeliner with the mirror looks so interesting *_*

  3. I want to buy more memeboxes but I have to wait until November when I get money LOL !

    Great post and great looking products ^^

  4. My first ever meme box was a total disappointment :( I should have gotten this one instead, these items look great!! I love how the shadow stick looks on your eyes <3

  5. This looked to be a pretty good box. I know that I would have went nuts over the eyeliner and the shadow sticks. The mirror/eyeliner thing they did is so cool. I love the color of that lipgloss too, it's super vibrant but still a really classy shade of red.

  6. i love memeboxes! they are one of the best Korean beauty boxes out in the international market.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox


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