Thursday, September 26, 2013

[Just Talk] Could Not Use Water For A Whole Day...

I got sick...

First of all... I cannot post any new beauty reviews for a few days, because I got sick and want to take a break from makeups and all that cosmetic stuffs while I am resting. 

There are many peoples that get sick recently and my whole family got sick recently as well, seems like they transmitted me too... Maybe because of the season that are changing now

 So take care of yourself!

Why could not use water for a whole day?

We are living in those kind of houses that are divided in two apartments, and recently we got new neighbors. Somehow... they managed to block the stuffs that are used to transfer waters. 

Since our houses are connected, the water started to come up from the cleaning room with some poop, water etc... So they whole cleaning rooms floor was filled with it and the whole house was really smelly. My cats usually go out from that room, since they don't want to walk on that poop water, they did not go outside for a whole day...

We could not use any water at all, if we did... then it would get worsen.

 So we could not flush the toilet, shower, wash dishes etc... 

I am happy that it's finally fixed now... But I hope that my dear new neighbor will take better care of their house. They moved in like less than a month...

Have you ever experienced something like that before?

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  1. Hi Yomi :D I hope you get well soon! The place that I work is always having trouble with water supplies. The water is really dirty or sometimes we don't get any water at all. I had to bathe and wash my face with mineral water :( Recently we had water shortage for 5 days. The toilet was so smelly!

    1. That sounds really bad... where are you working?

  2. I have not been feeling well either :( weird week! I hope you get well soon Yomi *hugs*

  3. OMG LET ME BURY YOUR NEIGHBORS seeing poo out of water thats.....gross i hope your neighbor wont do such things again!! and also, get well soon ;)

    1. I hope so too... I don't understand how they did it after moving in for a month XD

  4. Boo its cold season, I'm getting a bit of the sniffles too, get well soon Yomi. :)
    Eww that sounds really gross, glad its fixed! I remember my bed room has sewage pips going through the walls and it leaked and it smelled really bad. D: lol

  5. wow sounds like.... gross ewww D:::

    And I hope you get well soon ^^

  6. Hi Ivy, please get well soon! Thanks for the blog post to let us know your disappearance, cos I was just wondering what happened to the frequent updates from your blog.

    Take a good rest and I hope you will get better soon!

    <3 Celly
    TheSnowFlowerrr - Beauty Blog on Korean Makeup etc.

    1. Oh... I thought that I am still updating frequently though, I am updating like every 2 days now. =)

  7. Really nice blog! new follower, follow back?

  8. Ugh, that sounds terrible. My old apartment building had lots of problems with the toilet randomly backing up... you wouldn't even be using it and then sewage would start pouring out of the bowl! Disgusting. Thankfully that doesn't happen in my current place. :) Hope you're feeling better!

  9. Wow Yomi that sounds gross/terrible! O....O I hope that doesn't happen again, I'd be so angry >...<

    In response to your question you asked me a while ago, I like Mizon's All in One Snail Repair Cream in the brown jar for moisture. If you want a lighter moisturizer for oil control I suggest trying the pink tube (gel) by Mizon. It's cheaper and more hygenic, and it works well under makeup.

    Thanks for reading xxxx

  10. Oh dearie, being ill is not good! Good thing to be resting and
    giving your body and face a peace of mind as well c: Take care!

  11. Get well soon! And don't forget to eat warm & healthy meals :)

    Liebst, ina

  12. That is absolutely disgusting.... How did your neighbor even do that??? Living without water for even just a day is so difficult *_* It really makes me feel blessed to be able to live as I am now! I really like your "Just Talk" posts by the way, they're really interesting!

    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment =)

      I want to know how they do that too lol


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