Thursday, March 20, 2014

Introduce My Monthly Advertiser

I think most of you that like Korean cosmetics have already visited Misa's blog or maybe already following her. We started blogging in the same year and I did not expect that we would become close blogger friend. Whenever I have questions related to blogging, she would be one of the first person I ask for advice and she will always tell me everything she know.

She is so nice that I think even if you have any questions, she would reply all of you in a friendly manner.

Misa's Recent Blog Post

Misa is into gyaru style and she recently collaborated with other beauty blogger for Sakurina Makeup Tutorials. Even if you are not into gyraru style, it's still interesting to know how they put on the makeup.

Bella is more into the natural beauty style.

She post many different of beauty product reviews and always take really beautiful photos. I see that she often try to use daylight for her photos to show us the real color of the products and make everything prettier with high quality.  

Bella's Recent Post

There you can see how beautiful Bella's photos look like!
I think even her blog design and photos are all about simple and natural beauty.

Lisa is rather newer to the beauty blogging community to be compared to the other two. So it would be really nice if you would give her a visit and show her some love.

She is posting many different brand of reviews and some of her recent ones are Japanese branded. I have read some of her posts and I think it's detailed. It was good enough to satisfy what you would want to know about a  beauty product.

Lisa's Recent Post

Her is a post for Lisa's haul from last month!
There is a short intro about each products.

When you have time... pay them a visit and leave a comment! You are morel likely to find something interested in there and maybe they will become your next blogging friend!

Interested to become one of my monthly advertiser?
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  1. I already follow Misa's blog, I will check the other too :)

  2. I knew Misa and Bella already too x)
    Thank you for introducing Lisa to us :)
    Will check hers <3



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