Saturday, March 22, 2014

[Review] BornPrettyStores Stamp and Delicate Hollowed-out Vine Butterfly Pattern Stamping Plate

Since it was released, I have always wanted to try this out.
But it was difficult to buy it at that time and not many store were selling it online either. 
I finally got a chance to try out stamping nail art!

This is sponsored by Bornprettystore, they are a online retailer shop that are 
selling many nail art products in a really reasonable price.
 If you are into nail art, then you have to check them out!

The stamp and stamping plate can be bought separately 

This stamping plate is called  Delicate Hollowed-out Vine Butterfly Pattern.

I think the pattern is really cute, but at the same time it's not too childish. 
It would look great with a contrasted color on background.

Cost: $ 2.99
Find it Here

This stamp have two side that can be used.

This red side is smaller and the other one is bigger.
The only difference is that it would be easier to pick up small pattern with this one.

I have watched other blogger and hardly anyone are using the scraper.

Then I tried using bank card as many other blogger and youtuber have been using.
It's actually better to use your own card than that scraper...
Because the bank card edge is more sharp,
 it will get more easily clean off the remaining nail polish.

Cost: $ 4.46
Find it Here

Here is a 1 minute video of me using the products!

I only used a normal white polish, but it was difficult to pick up the nail polish with the stamp.
I think it might be better with a stamping nail polish that are designed for it.

Use this code for 10% off on your purchase!

Note: The product on this post were sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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  1. It's very pretty! I really want to try stamping too thank you for showing us how to do it ^^

  2. Very this article. Although i am not a fan of nail art i can recommend this to my nail art addict friends! LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice article. Stamping nail art looks very pretty! I have granddaughters I know would love this as well!

  4. never heard of the stamping style in nail art.. and it looks really cool!!

  5. This is such a cool invention for nail art! I think it's one of the many frustrations of women so I'm definitely showing this to my mom and sister! I'm sure they'll be thrilled! Haha! ;)

  6. I also have a similar set of stamping nail art at home but always had trouble with the scraper..I didn't think of using a bank card so thanks for the suggestion!

    Snow Queen Secrets

  7. Woah, I'm definitely into nail art, I'm gonna check it out, it looks interesting ^^


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