Wednesday, May 14, 2014

[Review] TonyMoly Mini Tint Samples 2ea

This is a sample version of the TonyMoly lip tint, so they are in smaller size and make it easier for you to carry it with you around. This lip tint get absorbed quickly because of jojoba seed oil. 


I only smeared out a thin layer, I think the jojoba oil not only helped to make it absorb faster. 
It helped to moisturize my lips a little too.

It gets more pigment depends on how you apply it.

I started from middle and smeared it out, so the inner part is more red.


I am starting to use lip tint more and more now... because of the long lasting. 
I have always been lazy to re-apply my makeup through out the day.

Because of how it get absorbed into your skin, the color become more long lasting to be compared to a normal lipstick. I tried pressing a tissue to my lips and you can see a little color come off and that's the part that are close to my inner mouth and got wet. So it won't get off easily unless it get wet and rubbed off.

I did not manage to take nice photo on that day...

But showing it so you can see the difference it makes.

Do you like to use this kind of lip tint too?

[TonyMoly] Mini Tint Samples 2ea

Cost: $4.45

Note: The product were sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.


  1. I have this little mini tint Yomi~ ^_^ I haven't been using this lately, but your review makes me want to use it tomorrow~ :D I've loved tints for awhile, and this one from TonyMoly is definitely the reddest one I've tried~ <3

    Thanks for the review!

    Love, Aimee

  2. I NEED IT.
    I want to try lip tints (especially tonymoly lip tints)!!
    I'm going to buy it soon!! ><!!
    Kisses pretty!

  3. Love the color and looove the cap, it's so cute that heart shape ^^
    Thank you for this review, I was wondering how was this tint.

  4. i have the exact sample in red! i find tony moly's tint is a little hard to blend and it dries so fast. it's kinda hard for me to do gradient lips with this. maybe i will need a little more practice!

  5. The heartshaped cap is cute. actually I wonder if this tint is similar to tonymoly's previous cherry tint?

  6. nice and cute, tints usually is drying but this one seems moisturizing because of the jojba oil

  7. I love the color and the way you applied the Lip Tint! <3
    Maybe I should try it :)


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