Monday, June 9, 2014

[Food] I learned To Make My First 3D Cappuccino in 3 minutes! + Changing Domain In A Few Days

It only took 3 minutes to learn how to make this 3D Cappucino!

I have seen a similar one on facebook for a long time ago, 
but I never knew it was so easy to make it.

It have been holiday and I spend my time on baking and try out some new recipe.

Want to make it?

Search on YOUTUBE!

There are already some great tutorial out there that I don't bother to make one.
But maybe I should make a food section for my blog?

I will try to make different 3D Cappucino later 
and if you will try... show me yours!

I am free from work on Wed-Thur
So I will make another update soon! <3


I want to remind that I am going to change my blog to 

I am still figuring how to do it...
But will expire in a week.

Follow Facebook or Twitter for updates!
If you are not following me on Facebook or Twitter   then you better do it now for updates. In case I get in trouble with the domain changing progress...

New Blog Theme?
I don't have much time to change my blog theme, so I will keep it for now and only change the banner name on top. I do everything myself... but I am really slow on coding and design stuffs. I think I almost used a month to make my current one. 

I am still new with everything from blogging, photo, blog design, new domain etc..
If you have suggestion or tips on anything, you are more than welcome to drop me a message.

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  1. I am going to look for the recipe now..
    Looking forward to your new banner
    Keep in touch

  2. Its been long since I've been here, but wow, you are really talented. You've great passion for blogging, I've been drowned by work and I haven't had time to come say HI! Looking forward to see your new domain =DD

    1. not really... you can see that I have only done 2-3 posts a month in the past 3 months... But still trying to get my blog updated. It's hard as all blogging stuffs take so long time to complete.


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