Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Domain!

Hi, It's been almost half year since I talked about changing domain name.

In case you have not read my previous posts...

Why I change Domain?

I started this blog with Korean cosmetics and so I wanted something Korean related 
and I come up with gwiyomi = Cute (Korean)

But then someone told me the domain name was misleading...
Because peoples will think that this blog is about cute styled Korean stuffs.

But everyone that have read my blog will know that is not what it's about...


When I started blogging, I wanted to find another name to use and I thought that Yomi from gwiyomistyle sounds like a nice name to use. I have been blogging one year now, so everyone that have been following my blog and all blogger friend remember me as Yomi now. I also created a poll for a few months ago and everyone suggested that if I really want to change... then it's better to keep yomistyle.

I will try to keep updating my blog!

I use almost 3 hours on a normal review post.
So I am having trouble to find free time for it... and sometimes 
I want to do something more relaxing instead.

But since I spend my time and money on making a new domain...
That mean I will keep updating this blog and work hard on it !

Thanks for following me and reading my blog <3

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  1. Congrats on your new domain Yomi!!!~ XD
    ahah long time no comment!
    xxox Charmaine

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