Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Review] Entity Cuticle Oil

I have been using this product for nearly 2 years now and I always massage it on my cuticle and nails after I have removed my nail polish on weekend. It makes your cuticle soften and less likely to wear and tear. It also helps to moisture the nails since it get even more dry after using nail polish remover.

I think this brand can only be purchased at nail designers store, but there are many different brand out there that sells in drugstores too.

There are also many recipe out there that teach you how to make your own cuticle oil. But I have not tried any of them so I can not recommend any here. If you give it a try, mind to share the results with me?


  1. hi, can any kind of oil will do?

  2. Hi! I have seen a article online saying any oils works. The cuticle oil I am using contain seed oil, jojoba, almond oil, avocado oil and other stuffs for the smell etc.


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