Monday, October 8, 2012

[Review] Etude House Fresh Cherry Lip Tint

This is first time I am using a lip tint and I have ordered it online through e-bay. At first I was planning to buy Lioeles lip tint, but then I found this that is a bit cheaper and I wanted to try a orange shade. When I showed it to my sister she think it looked like a nail polish tube.

The brush look like some lip gloss but the consistent is much lighter and not oily. But it might get too dry because it doesn't moisture your lips. So many would add a invisible lip gloss on top, but I usually would only use lip balm for a more natural look.

Even if the consistent is light the color is still there and it's long lasting. There are many different shades that can be chooses from. I am using it everyday on my daily makeup now! I will definitely try other brand and color later. I prefer using that over lip stick and lip gloss because I don't like the heavy feeling.


  1. I actually bought this lip tint when I was in Hong Kong a few months ago and the packaging has completely changed! It's not in an adorable curved bottle that looks similar to nail polish bottles.

    I regret the fact that I didn't choose the red one instead. The tint barely shows up on my lips but works wonderfully for a bright flush of colour on my cheeks.

    Y-OONYEE [click here]

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      You mean similar to nail polish bottle is the one I have now, right? Since it's not curved at all...

      Yeah... I actually think that I would have choose a more red color too. But if you want it to show up more, then have you tried to apply more layers?

  2. Thank you for this review!


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