Sunday, September 15, 2013

[Shout Out] # Weekly Shout Out + I am on recommend list in Bloglovin!

Happy that I got to top 4 on recommendations list in Bloglovin!

I actually don't really know how to get up there, maybe everyone will get there eventually. But it feel like something good to see your own blog on a top list anyway!

Last time someone told me she saw my blog on up and coming list, but before I can look at it myself. My blog already disappeared from that list... So I am happy to witness it this time. I wonder when my blog will get to the top list (If I will ever get there).

Do you know anything about it?


 Back to the shout out!

Majorie Zoleta

Hello! My blog is basically decorated with pink stuff and is filled with posts about beauty, product reviews, fashion, music and random hauls. If you're looking for a girly blog, please do visit this blog.

Yomi: Thank you for applying this shout out so many times, even applied twice on this weeks shout out. Anyway we followed each other since she started blogging for a few days. I can tell that she is improving on her blog and I love the music on her blog! <3


My name is Mandy and I'm a 19 year old girl from Malaysia and I own a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I do mostly outfit posts, food reviews and product reviews! Do come and visit my blog :D Also, leave a comment with your blog link so that I can visit yours as well ^^

Yomi: I don't remember communicating much with her, but she is a really pretty girl with those sexy wave hairs and seems to be a really sweet girl too. I hope that I can have more chances to communicate with her from now on. She post many stylish photos of herself! <3

Rain Chan

hi ,just a girl from Singapore sharing reviews of skincare , food , makeup stuff in Singapore !welcome to follow me and make friend with me! 

Yomi: She is a pretty girl that looks really good with her short hair style. I think we followed each other for a while now, but I can't remember we comment much on each other blog. But I think her blog is worth a visit! 

Check their blogs when you have time!


How To Enter Next Weeks Shout Out:

Only my readers are allowed to join
That mean you are following me on at least one platform
GFC / G+ / Bloglovin / Facebook

Fill out the submit form
I will use these information to introduce your blog!

Tell me what you think of my blog

After blogging for a few months, I really want to know what you guys think. Since I saw that most of you that applied is bloggers that have followed me for a while. I really want to hear a honest comment from you, so I can know what I am doing good and what I should improve on.

For bloggers that got chosen, If you appreciate my shout out for you
I would be really grateful if you can introduce me to your readers too.

Email Address:
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Please follow the steps to enter, there are many that did not read and just applied for it. I am sorry to say that I will just delete them. It might upset you, but it's really upsetting for me to know that you just applied without reading too.


  1. Thanks for doing these shoutouts! I'm finding a lot more fun blogs to read now. c:
    And CONGRATS on being on the recommended list for BlogLovin! :'D :'D I'm so happy for you! >u< You definitely deserve it~

  2. Oh really nice shoutouts! I love it read new blogs!
    Congratulations you´re in the top in Bloglovin´
    I want Invite you to my Firmoo Giveaway! You can win 1 pair of Glasses or Sunglasses. The winner choose the model!

  3. I love your blog posts! And I love the fact that you take time to frequently share things with your readers! You're extremely nice :)

    And Congratulations x

  4. Thank you, Yomi~! I am sorry if I applied twice this week :"> Will definitely introduce you to my readers as well ♥♥♥

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blogs with us!


  6. Thank you for doing these shoutouts. really useful. i love to read a new blog.

    i am still new for read your blog and i love it.

    i thought this blog very nice but too full. i mean, how if you make a line, different background or something else to make the reader focus in read the post. that just a suggestion from me, don't be angry..

    when i visit this blog especially for this post. i am a little bit confused because the side bar in right, the wall posting and sidebar in left full of picture. i can't focus to read.

    CONGRATS on being on the recommended list for BlogLovin! i am happy to you..

  7. Hi. Great blog. I follow you of course.
    Hope you follow me. Kisses

  8. Hello Yomi! Thank you so so much for introducing me to your lovely readers! It is an honour to be featured in your amazing blog! I will definitely introduce you to my readers soon :)) <33

    xx Mandy

  9. hi yomi , actually i always view your blog post but never comment much :X
    i will leave a comment more often so you know i actually visit your blog everytime i log in :D i'll return a shoutout too

  10. Yomi i've just post the shoutout in return
    if you need me to edit anything please let me know :D

  11. Thanks for all lovely comments <3

  12. Thanks for the lovely shoutouts every week ^___^


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