Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: Mediheal Lemon Lime Face Mask

Thanks to Constance Choo for sending these products to me for review.

I was really happy to receive a few different sheet mask  
that are origin from Korea and here are one of them!

This mask have one of the cutest package I ever have seen!
The information on the back package are both in Korean and English.

This product claims to make your skin:



Control excess sebum

Remove dead cells

(This is Korean towel bun, mostly used when they go to sauna.)

How To Use

Put the sheet mask on after washing + applied tonic

 After 15-20 minutes, pat the remaining essence into your skin

(I washed lightly with water afterwards, because of sensitive skin)

Then apply the skincare products as you normally do

What I Think:

This mask don't have much serum as many other masks I have tried before, so it won't start dripping when you take it out from the package. You can smell a little lemon/Lime from the sheet mask and I think it's a smell that many will like. After using this, I can tell that my face feel softer and a little more shining.

 There should be a much better effect if you use it regularly!

The only negative thing I can say about this mask is about the sheet is a little too rough. But it's still not too bad and I am willing to use more of it. I have used another one before that was so rough that I want to just throw it away... 

Cute package
Smell nice (Lime)
Brighten your skin
Soften your skin
No dripping serum

The sheet is a little rough

If you want more information about this mask. 
You can contact Constance Choo

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Disclaimer: The product is sponsored, but everything I have written is my honest review.


  1. The tower bun is absolutely adorable! How are you doing it?

  2. Great review ^-^ The mask looks big. It is really big or your face is small? Cute towel bun ^-^ And just out of curiousity. How come you rinsed your face with water after applying the mask? Thank you ^-^

    1. Thank you for replying. Ohh I see. (>_<) I can't read it here thought. The writing isn't clear enough. I don't think your face is big o_O
      Anyways, thanks for the review!

  3. Oh sweetie the package of this mask is really pretty. Looks like a nice mask this brand is new to me. Thanks for your detailed review.

  4. Great review

  5. I've never heard of this brand, interesting! The package is totally adorable, but it looks like the mask itself is huge. O_O

  6. Yiu look like those girls in doramas! haha so adorable! I've never heard of this brand before but looks cute. I wonder if your face is really small or the mask is just huge >.<

  7. Neat review!

    if you wish to keep in touch,follow my blogsphere and i'll do the same :)

  8. tks forur visit , followed u back on GFC..:D

  9. Love your reviews and you have such perfect skin! :)

  10. Great blog :)


    1. I already followed you from before =)

  11. thanks for dropping by my blog! I followed you. :-)

  12. Looks like a good one, Nice review dear. Following you.

    Keep in touch,

  13. yes we can follow, follow me and i will follow you ! <3

  14. Hi dear, great review!
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  15. the mask so big :o
    great review dear <3
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    hope you can join >_<)

  16. That'd be so funny & cool if I happen to win my first pair of circle lenses on your blog! :D
    May I ask where you are from? Judging from your products you must be Korean, but your English is way too good to be a native Korean. Do you live abroad?

    Love, ina

    Petite Saigon

  17. Seems a good product:)
    Have a nice day dear!

  18. Thanks for all lovely comments! All replied on your blog if you asked any questions!

  19. The packaging of this mask looks like it's a drink.

    Thanks for your nice comment! Of course it would be lovely to follow one another.
    I'm following you on GFC and Bloglovin' (365) now. Hope you'll do the same and stay in touch :)

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  20. oh ty for the review! i can see a difference in the before and after pictures. and yomi, do you think you can look at my blog? i'm a new korean blogger and would really appreciate if you can look at it and follow if you think you want to read more ^.^
    Shinesque (xx)

  21. Ooh this looks like a nice face maks...really want to try it out.

    nice post :)


  22. The towel bun is so cute! I like the packaging too, it's fun!

  23. Thanks for the review, this mask seems great especially for people like me with oily skin :) Your skin looks fresher and healthier in your after picture!



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