Saturday, August 31, 2013

[Shout Out] #1 Weekly Shout Out! + My Lunch

I thought it might be a little boring to only read about my shout out, so I took a picture of my lunch today!

 It's a pasta from Italy!

I got this from a good friend as souvenir when she traveled to Italy and it's so pretty. That I don't really want to eat it, but if I don't eat then they will go out of date and get thrown away... So I decided to take some nice photos if it as memory and just eat them happily!

Honestly this pasta don't taste anything different from other pasta we see all the time. But I think the colors makes you feel more happy to eat them!

Have you seen this? 

Tried it?


Hi, I'm Bella! I blog about beauty, interior, photography, and travelling. Basically, I blog about everything! :3 Do check out my blog.

Yomi: She is one of the prettiest follower I have! I love the style of her photos and she makes it pleasant to look at them. I wish that she would update more often!

Everyone (Svart hjärter (kort)_Svart hjärter (kort)) I'm Emma by day but have a secret identity I'm sailor Mars;) I'm 20, from England. This is my personal blog where I post about random things, like my crazy obsessions over everything and anything Korean. But mostly Korean cosmetics and the occasional travel post ^^ Feel free to pop by and have a look:)

Yomi: Her newest post is a video tutorial for ulzzang makeup. I think she is so good at doing the makeup... I need to learn from her too!! Go and watch it if you have time!

Hello =^-^= I'm a beauty blogger that's addicted to skincare. (>_<) I like to introduce and review products for everyone to learn and see. Honesty, is most important to me thus, I will give truthful reviews! I enjoy also, giving advice and getting advice. Please come and take a look. ^-^

Yomi: She is a really sweet girl and my all time top 3 readers that comment on my blog! There is not too many photos of her in her blog, you will have to dig it if you want to know how she looks like. Maybe a bit shy? But she is a pretty girl too!

I hope you enjoyed my first shout out!!

If you did not get picked this time, that don't mean I don't like your blog!
I almost wanted to shout out all blogs you guys have sent to me, but it's impossible. So I took a really long time to decide which blog for this times shout out.

You are always welcome to enter my next shout out!

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  1. wow! nice post darla :)
    your blog very cute anw :))
    I followed via GFC ^_^

  2. Hihi~ Thank you I will try to post more pictures of myself (>_<)

  3. Thank you so so much for your shout out:) I will be sure to give you a shout out to my readers :) xx

  4. Nice blogs! I will make sure to stop by today :)

    Love, ina

    Petite Saigon

  5. you have a lovely blog <3 omg when i was in Italy i saw this pasta, it was so cool!!
    kisses ♥

  6. Cute little pasta! Haha I haven't seen a pasta as cute as that before. Thank you for sharing a picture of your lunch :) Kind of sad that I wasn't picked >___< I'll enter your weekly shout out again!♥


  7. Thanks for all lovely comments! <3


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