Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review Lioele Be My Skin Powder Pact Moisture Type

This is the first powder I ever bought and have seen many positives review  for this product! 

They have three different type of this powder and this is the moisturizer one, beside this they also have oil control and all skin types. But since I have quite dry skin and don't want my face to get caked with the powder, I have picked the moisturizer one!

This product claims to have:

High Coverage
Sebum Control
UV Protection 

You can see the package is really cute, but it's in light plastic that some might feel it's a bit cheap.
But it makes the powder easy to carry around with you!

Sorry, that it's a little dirty... I bought this a year ago...

What I think:
You can see that I have not used much even after I have bought it for a year and I actually regret buying it! Why? Because it don't moisturize my skin and it's a little too pinkish for my yellow skin tone. It works better if you use a brush instead of the cotton applier it come with. Because it makes the powder spread more evenly and won't get too much in one area.

High coverage
Pretty package

Too pinkish for me
Don't moisturize

I Rate This


  1. Great review ^-^ The packaging is cute ^-^

  2. This is a good review my dear. Thanks for sharing! I also love the packaging though you were right. Its too pink lol :-)
    instagram: @lefabgeek

  3. Like the packaging and the cove great job on this review.

  4. Very honest review ! Thanks for sharing !
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog.
    BTW i followed you already hope you follow back dear!

  5. The packaging is soooo cute! Wish the powder came in your shade though so it wouldn't be a waste.

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  7. The design is really cute and I love the pretty packaging <3 Too bad it's too pink for yellow asian skin :/ But your face looks sooo dewy and pretty on the title picture :D Thank you for the review, Yomi ^^

  8. Sometimes the packaging doesn't make up for the product at all.

    btw, I am hosting an international giveaway on my blog, feel free to join.

  9. I have the oil control one ~~

    I love the look but I think it's a bit too white for me...
    I'm pale so I chose the lightest shade possible and I think I should've chosen one shade darker. But it's okay since I can mix it with other powders and blush and stuff ^^

  10. Oh, even a package looks so sweet :)))

  11. The packaging is pretty cute, but it's too bad you don't like it.

  12. OK sweetie, I agree to follow each other.
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  13. You have such a lovely blog, just wow! I followed you on bloglovin' and liked your fb page, hope you can do the same. :)

    The packaging seemed absolutly lovely! It's too bad that you didn't like it..


    Parisian Fairytale

  14. Hey! (:
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  16. Beautiful package and honest review.
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    Dusana :-)

  17. Hi there

    You came and visit our blog and left a comment yeah will follow you back will do so in the morning didn't realise that sent a msg still new to us. Love the idea that perhaps Rainbow rose are naturally grown but they not tis very sad. They are made from white roses <3 thank you for your comment.
    Shame this was not suitable for your skin it looks lovely and pictures very well you have a gorgeous blog.

    MLFx | May la Faye


  18. Thanks for the review. It's good that you're so honest!

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  21. The packaging is so pretty! <3
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  22. Wow! I love the dewy finish of this product! I will definitely try this powder after I finish my face powder which is very soon! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog earlier and leaving me that sweet comment! Sure! I would love it if we could follow each other :) I am following you back now on BlogLovin' and GFC ♥ Hope you can too!

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  23. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    I think it looks pretty on you, girl!

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  24. I don't use powders, but you look so pretty :)
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  28. great review

  29. Quite of a lot of people do enjoy this product, but I really would prefer if it was moisturising, because I know how irritating it can get when your skin looks flaky! Thanks for the review ^^

    <3 Celly

  30. awwww... thanks for the review.. too bad the packaging is cute.. urgh.
    was eyeing on this one before.

  31. i saw this product few days ago luckily i didn't get it haha

    by the way i followed your bloglovin now
    hope you follow me back :D

  32. Uuuuh asian cosmetics look always so cool! I wanna try them!

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  33. aaw I love the packaging! Reminds me of Cinderella, so cute :)


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  35. J'aime.
    Kiss from France.
    suza d'Orléans.

  36. At least the packaging is pretty! Adorable blog! Following you now & hope you follow back too ^^

  37. Love the packaging !

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  39. Powders can be trickish but getting the right shade that matches your skin tone is always the way to go.

  40. hi yomi :) the packaging is really nice, sorry to hear that the color is to pinkish for you. i really hate it when that happens. btw nice name :)

  41. I wished it was more moisturizing!! But the packaging looks very cute ^^

    恵美より ♥

  42. Hey dear,nice blog. Would u like to follow each other?

  43. The packaging looks so cute (:

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.


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