Saturday, October 12, 2013

[Just Talk] On My Wish List " Panasonic Hair Dryer " that make your hair shiny shiny!! + Add Me On KakaoTalk!

Photo taken from ebay

I watched a Taiwanese beauty show on last night and the hair stylish showed this new product on one of the models. It made her hair look really pretty and shiny!

The hair stylish said this hair dryer is great for girls that want to make their hairs smooth and shiny without knowing these difficult technique that hair stylish uses.

What make this hairdryer special?
This nanoe will make your hair moisturize, elastic, strong and more healthy!

How It Works?

Photos taken from

After reading all of this, don't you think it sounds amazing? 

Before I often hear about how hairdryer can dry out our hair and damage it... 

Here is the video

It will show you how to use it and you can see the difference on before and after using it!
Watch from 05:00

I really want to buy one after watching it, but it's really expensive...
I looked online, it cost like $135 and it's shipped from Japan.

What Do You Think?


KakaoTalk is just like whats app, messenger etc... But it's from a Korean company and so always all Korean are using it. Including many Kpop idols <3 (They won't chat with us though)

If you are using kakaotalk and want to chat with me, then you are welcome to add me as your kakao friend <3 I would love to chat with many of you, and will always reply.

I used to only use it with some Korean friends before, but I want to have more contacts with other beauty bloggers too. Before I asked some of you to add me on Twitter to twit with each other, but it might sounded like I just wanted more followers. (not like I don't it) But that was not my main point...

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Waiting for your message <3

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  1. Oh sweetie KakaoTalk looks great, seek or try to first install the application on my cel.

  2. I love watching Woman too! *A* They're so hilarious and sarcastic. c:
    I think I actually watched that episode. xD Unfortunately, I don't use hairdryers, so it's probably not for me - but it does seem SUPER tempting (that show tempted me into buying a few items already).
    Adding you on KaokaoTalk once I figure out what my login details were! xD

    1. Oh really? that was the latest episode !

      That show tempted my sister to buy a lot of stuffs too XD many she did not really need lol

      Just make a new account =P

  3. Wow!! That's sooo cool, apparently my dryer exude nano particles as well but mine doesn't make a difference at all.

    1. Maybe not all brand work so well? >_<

  4. Oh this product is sooo interesting , I would like to buy it sooner or later !!!
    I didn't know Woman , now I think I will watch all episodes hehehe ~
    I use KakaoTalk as well, I will add you *^-^*

    1. Do you know where I can find other videos ? Or at least the right search keys ? Sorry for disturbing you :)

  5. Nice wish list! Nanoe particles are cool feature of a hair dryer. ^◡^

    By the way, would you like to follow each other?

    Fashionmoto Blog

  6. Oooh you use Kakaotalk? That's great! I'll add you as soon as I get my new mobile phone. (my old one is too old for it OTL )
    The hair dryer looks so cool! I wish I had one of those, mine makes my hair feel so heavy. @.@
    Greetings, Elina x

  7. looks great!!

  8. That hair dryer is so cool!! I want to get one soon because I have heard great things about them!

  9. I like your idea of interacting with your readers! Just added you on Kako Talk !



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