Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[Review] Popping Candy Blue Circle Lenses

Beauty lenses is a sister store with Kpoptown.

They are selling many different circle lenses and have a categorize called Idol's Style, that have many circle lenses that Kpop idol have been using.

I have reviewed one of the lenses from their Idol Style categorize before


 If you have read my previous one will you know that they use a small box that include a guide about how to use circle lenses, which I find to be really useful for beginners. Since many peoples that are using it for the first time would search online about how to use it.

 They also include a lens case that are used to store your lenses after use.


This circle lenses is quite different from many others, as you can see clearly on this photo. There are many lines instead of circles around the lens. That gives a more mystic feeling and the color is strong enough to show the blue clearly on my brown eyes.


You can see on the picture from above that it gives a nice enlargement to my eyes and make it looks much bigger. Beside making your eyes bigger, a circle lenses with enlargement will also make your eyes look more awake .


Popping Candy Blue circle lenses have up to 42% contain of water, that makes it more comfortable to wear.  I do not feel much discomfort with this pair of lenses and can wear it up to 5 hours. It's never recommended to wear more than 8 hours and circle lenses is not for daily use.

 I would recommend this product to....

 - Peoples that want a artificial colored circle lens which show visible color on dark eyes 

- Want to try a unique circle lenses that gives a mystic feeling

- If you want a enlargement for your eyes to make your eyes look bigger

- Want a circle lenses with high water contain to make it more comfortable


You can find Popping Candy Blue at beautylenses

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion

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  1. Oh really cute circle lens dear, lovely color, cute design very pretty.

  2. Oh the color is brilliant! >u< Thanks so much for the review~

  3. Ooh these lenses are so pretty and vibrant! They show up really well on your eyes (and they look really pretty)
    Nice review hon :3

  4. they are so bright and the enlargement is quite natural. ♥

  5. Hey Yomi, I really like your wavy hair :D is it permanent curl?

  6. Cute circle lens I really love the color and also the circle ^^ I like your hair in the picture too yomi :D thank you for the review


  7. This lens has a unique design, and you look super sute on the first picture. How did you do your hair?

  8. Those are really cool, I like these :) x


  9. Oh beautiful lens color ~ !!!
    And you are so pretty *^-^*

  10. great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
    flw me and tell where u’ve followed me!


  11. I nominated you to the Versatile Blogger Award:-)

    check it out@:
    Lots of Love

  12. That's insane! But kind of cool - I've actually never tried them!

  13. They are absolutely stunning! I never knew what to think of all kind of blue contacts but these look really well made. The colour is really standing out. :)
    I absolutely love your blogposts btw, I've been following you on bloglovin for some time now and I enjoy them so much: :3
    Greetings, Elina

    1. Thank you, I am happy to hear that from you <3

  14. Hey.

    Really interesting blog you have here. Beautiful photos.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    If yes, let me know.
    Dont forget to visit my blog:

    With love,

  15. Do these move around a lot? Since it seems like the blue is kinda on the edges, would it kinda go off center if you blink often? ;v;
    These look super pretty though and I'm really tempted to get it. AHHH DECISIONS.
    Thank you so much for the review though! I love the high water content in here. *A*
    ☆ gin ★

    (whispers I'm sorry if you see my posting all over the place. I've like fallen in love with your blog. <3)

    1. If wear correctly, it should not move at all =)

      I am happy to see so many comments from you, it's so sweet and encouraging for me.

  16. these are so different and cool!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  17. The lens is soooo pretty and it looks so good on you!!!! I feel like it's hard to pull off though for a lot of people because the color is very vibrant *_* I prefer more natural-toned lenses hehe.... it's so inexpensive compared to other stores too! Oh and on a side note I REAAAAAALLY LIKE HOW YOU STYLED YOUR HAIR IT'S SO PRETTY.........

  18. those lens are striking! omg
    beautiful accent to your eyes


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