Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[Review] Scribbles K-pop Bracelet in White

This is the last item that are sponsored by Tofebruary

They are a lovely small online shop that are selling many different kind of accessories and outfit that are in Asian/Korean style and some product that Kpop idol have used.

Who Used It
Here is a photo that showed which kpop idol have used that on air and maybe there are even more that they did not know about. One of them are Super Juniors Eunhyuk and I don't remember the name of the girl, although she looks really familiar to me... I don't pay much attention to girl groups, beside 2NE1 and F(x).

That's how it looks like when stretched out.

There are some review around that are saying it's difficult to wear the way that are shown on the websites picture, because it will bulge when you put it that way and I have trouble to wear it in that way too.

My Thought

The texture of this bracelet is soft and comfortable to wear it. The text on this bracelet is just random, for example; snow, stars, neon and many that I did not understand at all...

The black and white colors make the bracelet easier to match any kind of outfit that you are wearing of the day. Even just a simple t-shirt will match well with this bracelet.

Where To Buy

Cost $ 14

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  1. oh I like the black one. It can also be use as a strap for watches, nice!

  2. It look so pretty and isn't too expensive either!

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


  3. The bracelet it so cute! >u< I thought it wouldn't be very soft, but from the way you describe it, it sounds comfortable! :'D Thanks for sharing this, Yomi! >u<

  4. Well this is quite interesting, never seen anything like this here!

  5. I like th black one more :)

  6. Cute bracelet, this would make a nice christmas gift for my sister, she is really into bracelets at the moment!!

  7. The black one looks really cute! Love the way you had your nails done! :)

  8. Such a cutie and fashionable bracelet! This is perfect for jeans or comfi look :)


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