Thursday, November 7, 2013

[Review] ES Handmade Black Right and Left Luxuriant Middle Eyelashes

These lovely eyelashes is sponsored by KKcenterhk

They are a online shop that sells many different cosmetics in a cheap price, most of their products are Asian branded. They are selling over 1000 different type of fake eyelashes!

Before wearing fake eyelashes

There are 10 pairs on fake eyelashes in this package

Difference between with and without fake eyelashes

Instruction on the backside


Head length: 0.6cm
Mid length: 1.1cm
End  length: 0.7cm


100% Authentic

Note : This is my first time wearing fake eyelashes, so I know that I did not wear it perfectly and I cannot compare it with other fake eyelashes. Because I have not tried others before this one, but I can promise that I will improve on it.

My Thought

I think this eyelashes looks too long for me in real life, but it somehow looks better on photos. So I think it's good for photo shoot and parties. I defiantly would not use it as a daily fake eyelashes. The luxuriant part on the left and right end of the eyelashes makes it look more fake.

It might be too long for me, but I think the length have something to do with your eye shape and size too. I have little double eyelid and small eyes, so that might be the reason to why it looks too long for me.

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  1. Omg these lazhes r so long but look so natural!!

  2. False lashes are the best and they just seem so natural (: lovely review, I always try to put on false lashes but it kind of fail big time for me! x

    1. I had trouble wearing this one as well lol

      But I don't think it's the lashes fault, it should be normal since it's my first time =) I failed this time too... did not wear it exactly as supposed to be...

  3. I like the design but maybe its the application or the design itself that looks too long :) another option you can do is to cut it in half and use the other half on the sides of your lashes only <3

  4. I really love the fake lashes.
    They look natural and very long! I like them!
    The lashes suits you so much <3


  5. I have not worn lashes ever, I need to look at this website.. 1000 types of lashes, wow....
    These are a bit long but I thing we Asian girls need a bit on lashes front
    Keep in touch,

  6. Hey dear!
    Thanks a lot for your comment!
    I have never worn lashes but you look really nice with them :)

  7. Since these lashes are denser on both outer sides perhaps you can try to cut them in the middle and use one lash for both eyes. did you try? I'd be curious if it works out :)

  8. First of all you are so pretty ^-^
    These eyelashes are a bit too long , but their effect is quite natural...maybe , as someone already said , you can try to use half on the sides ;) .

  9. They are pretty and long - perfect to have a dramatic look for parties!

  10. pretty yomi! Love your eyes <3 those lashes look so natural but really long ^^ love long lashes like those :D thank you for the review ^^


  11. ohmygod yomi you look adorable ///A/// <3333
    Those lashes look great on you. *A* I actually think I might get these for my future photoshoots! Thank you so much for the review! <3

    1. No, you can come here lol

      I think it will looks good on you <3

  12. I like the design :) It looks natural. Maybe you can curl the lashes together with it. Hence, you look so pretty and this is perfect for portrait shots :)

    1. Yeah, I tried the curling... but my real lashes is sooo short. I know that I need mascara to get them together.

  13. Wooow nice, you've not got eyelashes, good idea!

  14. i've never tried falsies before..

    would you like to follow each other?

  15. You did such an amazing job with the review. The eyelashes are pretty and seems easy to put on. Great review.

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