Sunday, November 17, 2013

[Review] GEO Fresh Brown Contact Lenses

Geo Lenses is one of the most popular circle lenses online and I have seen a lot peoples using it even for years ago on some beauty forums. I am really to get a chance from  Angel contacts to try out these beautiful circle lenses



They provide a a really beautiful blue box including a instruction and lenses case for you to use. Instructions are always great for beginners that need more information about their circle lenses and how to use them correctly.

Use The Box To Store Other Small Things
After taking everything out, because the box looks so pretty and are in good quality. So I used it to store other small things, like accessories etc... 

Natural Look

Geo Fresh Brown are one of the most natural circle lenses that enhance your eyes and gives one of the most natural look with a light hazel brown color. I can wear this outdoor without many peoples noticing that I am wearing circle lenses.


I actually have quite sensitive eyes, and this is one of the most comfortable circle lenses with prescription that I have tried so far. I have tried wearing it over 6 hours a few times without any dryness and it feels really comfortable for me. 


I have the circle lenses on the left side of my eye on this photo. The light on that day were not that great, so the photo are not the best. But you can at least see the difference between the enlargement and the natural looking..

My Thought

I seriously really love this pair of circle lenses, because it's one of the most comfortable circle lenses I have tried and almost the only one I can wear outside... Because of the natural look and how comfortable it's. I usually cannot not wear most of the circle lenses over 4-5 hours and did not have any problem wearing this for over 6 hours.

I am loving it !

Where To Buy?

Price $25

Note: The product on this posts is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion.

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  1. looks nice on you. dear. :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA.

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about these lenses! I'm thinking about trying them out :)

  3. Looks great on you! I love circle lens but a lot of them seem to be too drying. Glad this one works for you! <3 I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!! <3

    xoxo, Kerynn
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  4. OMG! It's really looks natural on you x)

  5. Hi, It's been forever and I still want to try circle lens, specially such natural looking ones, but I still need to find the right prescription.

    This pair look wonderful on you, very natural.

  6. Aww the contact lens really look very lovely on you (: great choice of contact lens! x

  7. Nice contact! Your eyes looks amazing with them.

    Please check my blog out and if you're interested, please follow me and I will definitely follow you back :)

  8. Whoa! I didn't even know you were reviewing lenses until I read the title! LOL
    These look super natural! *A* I love the innocent look it creates. <3
    Thank you for the review!

  9. Nice review dear! GEO has always been my fav, I've tried Angel, Nudy and Magic Color! They are all sooooo good!:) got a cheap online seller selling GEOs to recommend too, try them out!


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