Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[Review] Blytheye Grey Contact Lenses

Speciallens description for this circle lenses says it's mysterious and stylish.

They have many different style of circle lenses and are still producing new ones monthly. 

They always include a cute lens case for free!
So you don't need to buy a new case only because of getting a new pair of circle lenses. I am happy for that, because I got like 7 pairs of circle lenses now. We don't have shops that only sell lens cases, it's always sold with the solutions...

This circle lenses have 38 % water content and 14.5 diameter.
This is a 1 year lens, but it's strongly recommended to use only 3 months for hygienic reasons.
I actually got a little surprised when I first putted this on, because this is the most unnatural circle lenses I have tried so far. But it do fit the description they have on the website, as it do give a mysterious feeling.
This circle lenses is defiantly not something I would normally would use. I think it makes me look a little like a vampire, so it might be great for special events. Something like Halloween, Cosplay and other parties.

This cost: 20.65$
Can be found:  HERE

What do you think?

PS. I flipped the left one on first photo wrongly... 

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion 


  1. Those are mysterious! They are pretty unnatural looking, but the color suits you nicely.

  2. Oh my, your eyes does remind me of Edward Cullen. I'd like to try them on myself for Halloween! :)

  3. Hm, those lenses do look really unnatural, but they do give off a pretty mysterious effect. I like them! ^.^
    care to follow each other? ^.^

  4. Wow they look awesome!! xx

    New post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang

  5. These are great for halloween, that's for sure!

  6. They really do have that mysterious look!♥


  7. Although these look very nice circle lens definitely give you a looks too unnatural. Something I´m sure is that the circle lens of your left eye is backward, you should be aware of that , because it shows well that is backward, because not is possible that the two circle lens are not equal. Furthermore, the lens of the right circle, shows clearly the design, and the left eye, no.


  8. Wow....these lenses would look perfect for Halloween. I'm surprised that the two lenses are different! One of the lenses has the black limbal ring, while the other has the grey limbal ring. Is this on purpose? Or is the lens just flipped inside out?

    Anyway, great review!


  9. This will be great for Halloween which is coming up soon, next month. ;)

  10. I'm pretty sure these lenses will be of great use during Halloween :)

    xx Mandy

  11. I agree about using these lenses for halloween, since they have a really mysterious aura. But the color is really nice in my opinion, too!

  12. i think i would wear them on Halloween only !!!!

  13. Wow!, sure does look mysterious! it gives you an aqua look, nice!


  14. owh nice review dear, I love the lens color too
    looks suit for Halloween >.<
    ah, I just follow you, can you give me follow back here, thanks c:


  15. Wow, these lenses look so awesome!
    I've always been looking for something light to show up on my eyes, haha. Unfortunately, astigmatism doesn't allow options like that either. QQ


  16. I guess this would be good for cosplay! It's a little too unnatural for my taste, but I guess it shows up :P I almost bought this, too and I'm glad I saw your review before I spent my money!

    OhCindyRella Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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