Sunday, September 1, 2013

[Review] Barbie Eye Super Nudy Blue Contact Lenses!

I have wanted to try out a blue circle lenses, so I was really happy to receive this lovely product 

You can see that it's less natural to be compared to other circle lenses I have reviewed so far, but I think it gives even better enlargement effect and looks cuter! (oh well... saying myself cute -.-)

They included a free contact lens case!

I happy to receive a contact lens case with me! So I don't need to buy a case only because of a new pair of circle lenses... I hardly see any stores that only sell the cases as well. Most of my other cases come with the solutions for lenses.

I always find it difficult to open the cap for circle lenses, it's just the same for any brand.
When I did it for the first time with my finger....
I broke my nails and after that I only use a fork to open them easily!

How do you open yours?

Here is a clear photo of the circle lenses after I opened it!

There is one thing I really like about this circle lens is that it contain 48% water. If you have used other ones before, you will know most circle lenses have less water contain that that. Since I not only have sensitive skin, I got a little sensitive eyes too. But I could wear this 1-2 hour more than other circle lenses I have tried before without any problem!

You can see there is a big different without me having to tell you which one is after and which one is the before one! I think this blue color is not a strong blue, more like a little grayish. But I do like about it! Because it won't make you look like a alien. 

The manufacture of this product is Dueba.

This will be one of my favorite contact lenses now!

Note: This product is sponsored, but it's reviewed with my honest opinion.


  1. These lenses are very interesting! Thanks for the review!

  2. What camera do you use to take these photos? Those lens look amazing by the way! Oh and I had to google how to open mine when I got them. LOL. I used my hands but I think your way of using the fork is so much safer. I was so scared about injuring my own fingers -.-

    xx Mandy

  3. great color *w*)
    hello i'm invite you to join my beauty giveaway
    i hope you can join XD

  4. The enlarging effect is really good but because they look so unnatural it might be hard to wear them on a daily basis ^^' But yeah, you do looki kike you just came out from an anime ;D

    Love, ina

  5. This lens look like they give you a very dreamy and fairy-like effect. I think it is beautiful on you, though I don't have guts to try colour contacts yet. Just because the regular contacts are just too tedious to put on too ^_^

    <3 Celly

  6. Cute lenses altho I truly prefer your own eyecolor!!
    Maria //

  7. I love it! they really show up on your eyes. Will def have to get some of these <3

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  9. Hi! I love your blog! Hope you can also visit my blog. Can we exchange blog buttons?

    Anyways, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please see

    Thank you so much! Hope you respond ;)

    Love lots,
    Ana of

  10. The blue colour is so pretty! you not looks like aliean, you looks like a doll <3 beautiful

  11. Hello Yomi! Thank you for commenting back in my blog. I followed you also on GFC. :) Nice contact lenses by the way. :)


  12. Thanks for all lovely comments <3

  13. It's such an 'eye-opening' contact lens! x3 It looks so pretty though! I love the blue :3 Thanks for the review!

  14. wow the contact lens look great on you ! awesome review.
    xoxo Shreya

  15. Pretty contact lens! Looks nice on you! ^^

    Hi, Yomi! Thank u for your comment in my blog! I just followed you dear, I hope you can follow me back ^^

  16. Wow, I really like this colour!! I was thinking about which Circle lens colour I want to get and I think maybe I found it now hehe~ <3

  17. Super nudy series are also my favorite series of lenses..
    The watery effect of the lenses suits you! :D

    Hehe by the way thank you for dropping by at my blog..I just followed your blog, hope you can follow back mine too!

    Have a great day and nice to meet you! :3

    Stephanie Angel

  18. They make your eyes look much bigger. Fab



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