Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Review] 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment

3 Concept Eyes lip pigment can be used on both the eyes and lips.
So I tried using it on both and it gives a pretty cute look.

Maybe it's not  a color I would want to wear on my eyes on daily life, but once in a while it's nice to have some color and changes in your make up routine.


A tube of lip pigment
One small lip brush


Firstly I am sorry over that  I did not apply it evenly on the upper part, so please ignore it.
It's a pink color that are close to barbies pink shade. 

I liked the shade, but I did not really like that it's a little sticky as many lip gloss.
Recommend to use a little translucent powder to make it less sticky 
and more long lasting.

Lasting : Using on lips last me well until I start to drink or eat, then I might need to re-apply a little. But since the lip brush have a cap, makes it easier to bring it with you for a quick touch up.


I draw it like a eyeliner over my black eyeliner, you won't feel the stickiness if you don't apply a thick line or apply a lot of the product. Personally I liked it and will probably use it once in a while.

Lasting :  When you are using it on your eyes it can lasts for a whole day if you don't touch it with your hands 


There are many other shades and they can be mixed together to create a new shade! So maybe I will get some other colors later so I can have fun mixing the colors!


It have a really light fragrance, but I had to put my nose like 3 cm away to smell it and I cannot smell it when I am using it on my lips either. 

This product is sponsored by Bornprettystory that are mainly selling nail art products, but I cannot find this product on their shop anymore. So I am not sure where you can find it online, but probably not hard if you search for it.

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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  1. I just yesterday ordered a purple one :D I am so curious about it!!!! :D It reminds me of OCC lip tars :D I think the best about them is that you can mix them together :D

  2. It's a beautiful color , I like it more on lips.. Nice that fregrances is very light
    I am inviting you to enter my $50 Persunmall giveaway.

  3. It is a soft color, which is a shame because imitation Born Pretty Store only sells imitation of 3CE, since the original pigments doesn´t have lip brush and the packaging is much wider than long. But it's a nice color, thanks for your review.

    1. imitation? i don't think what yomi got is an imitation one! I have one too which my cousin bought me from ebay UK and the tube is similar size. These are found on W2Beauty at the moment... there too the tubes look similar. 3CE revamped their collection and colors, so you might find some being imitation as they are no more on Stylenanda and other leading online stores but found on ebay. Here's link to w2beauty ~

    2. The real 3CE not has brush sweetie is just a comment. In eBay sell many imitation products 3CE. Most of these fakes come from China and Hong Kong, "BPE" sell imitations (I know because I bought there). Just seeing the photograph I know that imitation is because I have had the real and imitation in my hands. I invite you to see this post the difference between the original and the fake.

      Sorry for my reply is annoying but I don´t say anything without a good reason. Sorry for inconvenience. xx

  4. It's interesting that it can be used to mix new colors. This shade is gorgeous, but it looks a bit sheer, I'll have to see if they have some nice, darker shades.

    Dom | | Deareux

  5. I really love the color. Great review dear!

  6. Though application is not perfect, you still look so lovely yomi....
    Using it on eyes is a nice idea but these are like cheek tints too. Tried that??
    looking forward for your adventures with 3CE pigments, at the moment am so obsessed over these :D

  7. Pretty color! Reminds me of Mac Pink Nouveau! (:

  8. You have pretty shaped lips, and this color looks good on you!

  9. I was thinking about buying or trying these as well. I think the idea of mixing them is really interesting. Really nice review.

  10. The colour looks really pretty on you and the idea of mixing them to get different colours is really interesting

  11. Love the versatility... I wouldn't have thought to use this on my eyes but the color works for you!

  12. Great review Yomi, it looks really nice on your eyes~ I'm never brave enough to use coloured eyeliner like that, but you make me want to test it out hehe^^ Thank you for sharing! x

  13. I love love love 3CE's products. *A* Never knew you could wear it on your eyes!
    Thank you so much for sharing Yomi! <3 I hope to get this product some day~


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