Friday, December 13, 2013

[Tips / Tutorial] 2NE1 Missing You MV Makeup Inspired Tutorial (Yomi as Minji)

This is first time I collaborate with other blogger for make up tutorial and first time I try to imitate a kpop idols makeup. As most of you know, I am not really good with makeups and still learning it. 

But it was really fun to do this makeup tutorial and hope you will like it too!

Remember to visit the other lovely girls and check out how they did their makeups!

I wanted to record a video, but failed at first attempt and then did not have enough time.
So I only putted the photos together and used "Missing You" as background music.

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  1. I love the video! >u< It's a shame that you didn't have enough time to re-film - I would have loved to see the video version of this! *A*

    The result looks awesome, Yomi! Definitely see Minzy's look! :'D

  2. You make it so simple and easy yomi ^^ good job :D your skin is seriously too flawless haha!

  3. Loved the tutorial! Minzy and CL have my favorite makeup looks out of 2ne1. Nice job on recreating it! ;D

  4. You did the look so perfectly.. :)
    Happy Weekend
    Keep in touch,

  5. hi yomi! it was my first time to collaborate as well. good job on your video! i like how everything was broken down into easy and simple steps :) PS your skin is so luminous!

  6. Brilliant! Very inspiring.

  7. Very fun to transform in other person with make up!

  8. I love your tutorial, you're so good at makeup hehe~ Minzy's look really suits you! I really love the song and music video, so thank you for sharing your tutorial^^ x

  9. I love 2Ne1 .. Collabs look like so much fun! (:

  10. Minzy is probably the one with the most spunk out of the group! I the way you did her extended eyeliner so nicely! *A*

    Thank you for the tutorial Yomi! <3

  11. Love it!! My favourite make up style is CL and Minzy's!


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