Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[Review] Rings and Things

Rings and things sent the product out randomly to reviewers, so I did not know what I was going to get. I received something simple, but it can add up something on your fashion. 

 I will talk more about what I think about each products under.

The whole look

Infinity Bracelet

I think it would look nice with a t-shirt look and something casual. But I did not like how I need to close it to smaller size. If you looked at the whole picture from above, you will know what I mean. It was a bit difficult for me to drag it by myself. I can manage to do it, but it takes a little of time.

Cost £3.50

Long Bar Necklace

 Same as the one from above, it's nice for a casual and simple look. When I received the product, there are a really tiny piece of the color that's gone. I highlighted it on the photo from above, but it might just be an accident that I received it like that and it's hardly noticeable for other peoples when you are wearing it.

Cost £4.5

Infinity Ring and Twist Arrow Ring

I personally liked the twist arrow ring more, because it looks more chic and I normally prefer silver colors over golden. But they have silver ring for the infinity in the shop too. The only problem I have with these rings is about the size is too big for my small fingers. Both of them are in the same size and only suitable for my thumb and actually a little bit too big for my thumbs too, but acceptable. 

You can see that my thumb is around 3 cm thick.

In overall... I am grateful that I got a chance to try out these lovely products, but I am not completely satisfied with them.

But I would recommend it to girls that want something simple and in a reasonable price. If you would not mind some small cons that are hardly noticeable for other beside the user then it's defiantly not a bad buy.

Note: The products on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion.

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  1. Lovely accessories! I love the infinity ring ♥

  2. very pretty jewelry! (:

  3. all really pretty, specially the arrow ring :)


  4. Oh the infinity ring is so pretty, I love it, all is so cute and pretty and not is to much expensive.
    Thanks for your lovely review dear,

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  5. Those rings are so pretty ^^ Too bad I don't like to wear rings or bracelets or anything... Anyhow, I challenged you on my blog :) http://lovingdot.blogspot.fi/2013/12/11-11-11-challenge.html

  6. I think accessories like these are good to stock up on, because they're really affordable, and you never really know when you'll really want something to go with an outfit. c:

    It's a shame that the quality didn't seem too great, but then again, the price is pretty good, so it balances out? xD

    I really like the infinity ring!
    Thanks for the review, Yomi! c:

  7. Cute rings I have the same problem with tiny fingers <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  8. ohh the twisted arrow ring is really nice!!
    thx for the revieww yomi!!
    xox Charmaineee


  9. Love infinity rings...these look gorgeous on you :)
    Red Alice

  10. That arrow ring is so adorable! Too bad I lose ring's easily, else I would've bought it in a heartbeat!
    Thank you for reviewing Yomimi! <3


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