Thursday, December 19, 2013

[Review] Dazzling Pearl decorated false nail tips

This is my first time using designed false nail tips.

The design of these designed nail tips looks really pretty and I bought some two tape for nail tips. Because I don't really want to use it for long and these tape would be less damaging for your nails and easier to remove than the glue they provide.


The tape is really easy to use, it's just like a two sided tape. I just removed the top paper on the second photo and it become like a gel like glue. Then you only need to find a tip that are in the same size and put it on.

My Cat 

I don't really know why, but she keep standing on these places that I am taking photos. I have a really strong light there, so I don't know why she would want to sleep in front of the light. The only reason I can come up with is that she is seeking for attention... She have become the background for some of my photos and she is actually sleeping on some of my nail tips. 

Lasting : I did not try using it for long, because it was hard for me to do a lot of things. So I just took it off on the next day. I have read about it somewhere else about that using that tape can last around 3 days and almost a week with the glue.

Comfort : Probably because it's my first time using it and I normally don't save so long nails either. So it was a bit difficult to do anything. I had a hard time to take off my necklace and had to use a pen to open my camera screen lid. So I think it's only about getting used to it.

What Yomi Think...

I liked this false nail tips, because it's really pretty and easy to put it on. I only used 15 minutes to put on all of these fake tips, so it would be great for special parties? When you want to feel and look really girly, elegant and pretty.

I love how it's already designed and even have some 3d decorations on it.

I know some girls that can do a lot of things with these fake nail tips on too, but since I did not need to show it off in my daily life, it's better for me to just take it off and do things easier.

This lovely nail tip is sponsored by Bornprettystore that are selling a lot of nailart.
But it looks like they are fixing something on the shop at the moment, so I cannot find this product again and a lot of things are not appearing at the moment. It should be normal again in a few days...

Note: One of the product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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  1. I have never used designer nails myself but yours look cute.. I think I wi have same problem as you, will have issues doing a lot of things with these on
    Have a nice day
    Keep in touch,

  2. Those are so cute! But I wouldn't be able to use them on a day to day basis. :(

  3. These are super cute. I am growing my natural nails out, but I love that this is a great alternative to that. I also love that there is no damage to your real nails. The designs are super cute too. Thanks for this great review

  4. Those are so adorable ♥ I think I'd break them in a day because I'm super clumsy with long nails haha :)


  5. Awesome nails! I want to try for myself this coming holidays! :)

  6. I don't know why but I can never get tape to stick on my literally they'll come off in less than an hour O.O

  7. Super cute :) I would defiantly get some for myself. I love long nails unfortunately my natural nails don't grow all that often so this is great to have :). Thanks for sharing!

  8. those are some cute nails. ive never worn fake nails before


  9. Not a fan of nail arts but this is just so cute

  10. nice post !

    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes, let me know when you follow me & i´ll follow back :)


  11. Those are cute. Sadly, most of the false nails cant fit to my nails because my nails are really big. (like the fingernails and hands of a guy)

  12. I have tried using designer nails and I must they are perfect. The designs on your pink nails do look like cake it!

  13. I had tried using fake nails and I used the glue provided. It's kinda hard taking them off. Good idea for the tape. I had never thought of it. I love your nails here btw. <3

  14. Really cute nail designs and fun post. Fantastic collaboration.


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