Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Review] Glam Eye Iris Black

Glam Eye

Glam Eye have been one of my favorite circle lenses brand and they have many different circle lenses to choose from. They mainly going for a natural look, so most colors are black, gray or brown.

Without Prescription

One of the main reason to why I won't wear this outdoor is because they don't provide prescription with their lenses and that makes it harder for me. Because I have near sight that I can hardly see any text or signs without glasses or lenses with prescription. 

But if you don't need prescriptions, 
then I heard that it's actually more comfortable to wear.


This pair of circle lenses is sponsored by beautylenses and they include a lens case with a paper instruction about how to use them correctly without hurting your eyes.


They have some pattern on the circle lenses, but I think it's not so notice able after wearing it. Unless you look really close into it. You can see that on the photo below.

1 year lenses

This is a one year lenses, but as most other lenses. 
It's not recommend to wear more than 3 months after it's opened.


The diameter of this Iris black circle lenses is 14 mm.
It make my eyes to appear bigger and more awake.


One of the most important point is how comfortable it's to wear. 

I like Glam Eye because the comfort it provide is close to Geo circle lenses, which is one of the most high quality one year circle lenses that are available online.  But I can only use it for photos, because they don't provide prescription with Glam Eye. There are some peoples saying without prescription is more comfy for our eyes, so maybe it helps.

Where To Buy?

Glam Eye Iris Black can be bought from beautylenses
with $24.90

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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  1. Looks awesome, your lashes look really good too!

  2. Too much black, we prefer natural eyes. It's a little scary.

  3. Umm, the pattern doesn´t looks natural even in your brown eyes, I prefer more natural circle lens.
    Very cute makeup :)

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  4. wwahhh!! this really has a unique design!!!
    thats really good if it is super comfy~~
    i think if it was a lighter colour it would look more natural on you Yomi~
    good review :D
    xoxox Charmianeeee

  5. I think it's rather natural looking in pictures! Not sure about in real life though; black is quite an extreme color.
    However, I think they do make you look more awake because of the edge it gives! <3 Thank you for reviewing~


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