Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[Just Talk] To my dear followers: Can you help Yomi to think of a new blog name? and learn a little about my current blog name.

Hi Hi!

I have been thinking about it a lot recently if I should change my blog name.

If you don't know what my current blog name means 
"gwiyomi" = Cute (informal) in Korean

Why I picked my current blog name
I picked that name because I started with Korean makeup reviews in the beginning, so I wanted something related to Korean in my blog name too. 

Why I want to change it
But as I have blogged for half year, I figured that I don't make up to that blog name... Because peoples that visit here for the first time would expect my blog to me more Korean styled and cute. I don't want them to come here and get disappointed.

Yomi come from gwiyomistyle
I did not want to use my real name on my blog, so I picked the word Yomi from my blog name. It actually sounds like a Japanese name and I liked it after using it for a while.

So I am planning to use Yomi on my new blog name. 
But I cannot only use that word, as it's already been used by other peoples.
But I still want to use it and add other words behind or after that.

Do you have any suggestions for little me?

Looking forward to your ideas <3

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  1. In my openion you should combine yomi with some enikish word . This way it has more chances of being in the memory of bloggers and your readers. Just a suggestion, please don't take it otherwise
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  2. I like how Yomi Fashion sounds, or how about just Yomi style, YomiSaloon heheh I don't know if you would rather have something cute instead :3

  3. We think the name is forever and it's the way people know you!

  4. If Yomi is going to be your blogging nickname, how about just YomiStyle? But honestly I don't think your current website name is bad - if it were me I would probably keep it and make an "about" page talking a little bit about yourself and why you chose the name originally.

  5. YomiStyle is already engraved in you! I don't think I can add other name because I have infatuated with that name :) Well, if you want a change, just add some easy phrase, don't change it! BlushYomi, or SparkleYomi, or ChuYomi (Kiss Yomi) :3 xx

  6. Seeing the comments above I'll prefer YomiStyle, but actually I like your blogname you have now, too. I think I agree on what Rebecca said before.

  7. I agree with thee above!!! ^^^ YomiStyle sounds good!

  8. yeap I agree with Yomistyle as well :DD

    xx Mandy

  9. I agree with the others too..YomiStyle sounds great!

  10. YomiStyle also has my vote~! It's so you :>

  11. I agree with everyone else - Yomi Style sounds pretty good! c: It's nothing too far from your current blog name, and it's really easy to remember. c:


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