Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Review] Barry M Blue Moon and Clear Nail Paint

I bought this nail paint when I was traveling around London for a year ago. There were many different colors and I just had to buy some. Beside the light blue and base/top coat I also bought a white one, that I use to make France nails. 

I used clear as base and top coat, the moon blue and white from Barry M as background for the roses. (sorry, did not clear around the nails before taking the picture) 

It only cost 2.9 British pound.  

This is the best quality nail paint with cheapest price I have bought so far. The color is nice and it get dry really quickly. I have tried many nail paint that takes ages to dry up and often get scratched that made it ugly.

I use one base coat and two coat of the light blue, then a top coat. The base/top coat makes the nails harden and less chance to break the nails. The color needs two coats to cover the nails completely. 

I will defiantly buy it again and I recommend it to other to buy! 

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