Thursday, February 27, 2014

[Review] Owl Pattern Black Sweaters For Women

This lovely sweater were sponsored by sammydress.
They are a online retailer store that are selling many clothing in a affordable prize.

This owl patterned sweater have 4 colors available, it's black, red, apricot and white.

They only have one size, and I normally wear XS-S in Europe. 
I think it fits me and a slightly loose too, so I think it will be fine for XS-M

This is made of polyester 

Everything was nicely made and although there are many small decoration, none of  them have fallen off. The only small problem I had was the owl in middle had two rope sticking out. I think it was the end and start of it, so I cut it off with a scissor and it looks great now.


What do you think?

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  1. Love the sweater! A bit oversized sweater looks good on you yomi ^^

  2. I totally love the sweater - so cute and sexy too!

  3. The black sweater shines the beauty of your skin color. Cute! :)

  4. aww its a cutee sweater yomi! :D
    I don't know whether to or not order from sammydresses because it's quite a "hit&miss" store...
    do you recommend me to buy from them?
    xxox Charmianeee

    Charrmyn [Click!~] || New Etude House Review~ [Click!]

    1. mmm... I think all online store that are selling in that cheap of price is a hit&miss. I have only received products from them once and it's good so far =)

      So I can't promise anything, but I would say yes to give it a try <3

  5. Beautiful sweater, I like animal prints and oversized clothing so this one is perfect :)
    Naomi, x

  6. Really cute^^ I love it on you hehe! Thanks for sharing(: x

  7. I love ur sweater yomi, i love the detail of sweater <3

  8. cute sweater! love the owl print detail :)


  9. Nice sweater!

  10. nice sweater i wish it has for boys too!

  11. I love owls, I like the sweater very much, it looks nice ^^ And you look good in it ^^

  12. i love owls! i need more jumpers

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Overlarge sweaters and tops look best when paired with slim jeans or leggings. The black color is too attractive and the owl is cute. :)


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