Friday, February 7, 2014

[Tutorial / Tips] Valentines Makeup with Korean Cosmetics

I am not professional with makeups, so it's not perfect.
But I have worked hard on it and hope it will be useful for some of you.

 I wanted to try making a tutorial and since it's valentine day soon. 
So I thought it would be a good opportunity to make one for valentines day!

Most of the makeups I have are Korean branded, but I accidentally used a wrong blusher! 

You will see that my scar is still visible... 
it's not possible to cover it up and it will probably take 1-2 months to fade.

Eye Makeup: Etude House Color Play and Etude House Look at my eyes Cafe PK001

Blusher: I accidentally used Barry M's Nude palette, but Lovely ME:EX cushion blusher 04 
is almost the same shade and with more pigment. 

Lips: Apieu Kissable Tint Sticks PK01

Foundation: Etude House BB Magic Balm

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  1. I like this tutorial. It looks so natural and fresh, perfect for V-day. For me, this is the kind of makeup I love to do everyday. Thanks for this post dear <3

  2. you look gorgeous! i am happy to see another video from you =)

  3. ohh this is so lovely ! you're super adorable <3 i followed you :)

  4. Awww. You cutie. <3 Loving the glitter~
    I really love that peach latte color! *A* It's so light and blendable.

  5. Great video! I like this make-up a lot :)


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