Monday, February 24, 2014

Advertise On Gwiyomistyle Cost $1-5

I have finally decided to start some small advertising on my blog!

There have been some bloggers that asked me about guest posting and advertising on my blog. I am sorry, about I forgot your e-mail and cannot inform you about this now. 

I have been blogging for nearly 1 year now and there have been many smaller blogger that ask for advice on how to get more visitors and exposure. So I have included monthly advertise post on most of the packages, that makes more readers know about your blog  and the V.I.P can even do a guest post.
  Check below for more information.

The money will be used to improve this blog on various of ways.

I have visited many blogs and I have paid to advertise on some blogs too.
There have been many new blogs that start to advertise with a really high price, 
which I think that was not worth it.  This is my first advertising
 So I want to give it a try on a low price and I will try my best to help you to gain more exposure.

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10.03.2014 Last Update

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Twitter 475
Google + 209
Youtube 259

If you have any questions regarding to blogging, sponsorship or anything else.
I would be appreciated if you were one of my advertiser, but even if you are not one of them.
 I will still try my best to reply each of your questions. 
You can use the contact form to find me!

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