Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[Review] Panda Costume

This lovely panda costume were sponsored by iLovesexy!
They are one of biggest online retailer that are selling sexy and playful costumes.

I feel so evil...

The one I am wearing is XS.


Height: 157cm
Weight: 44kg

The dress fit me exactly, when I was putting it on... I almost thought that I was too fat for this dress, because I started hearing some tearing sounds from the fabric. But I Was still wearing my pants, so it went fine after taking the pants off. It fit me, but I wonder if I could wear it if I did not loose 3 kg recently?

I think the dress were really short, so it will make your legs look longer and more pretty. But I do recommend to wear something safety under it! 


This dress cost $61.92 and the quality is really good.
Everything is nicely sewed together and the fabrics don't feel cheap at all.
I think it's worth the price you have to pay for.

This panda costume include a panda head with two cute paws and a panda dress.

My Thought

I really liked this panda costume, because there are hardly any this kind of costumes in my country... In my country I mostly only see these that are really childish and in a really cheap quality type of costumes... but with a high price!

I love that this shop have over 1000 different costumes in a variety of prices.
 When I need a new costume, I will defiantly check them out!

What do you think?

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Looking for a sexy and cute panda costume


Themed Parties

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Want a costume with good quality

Where To Buy?

Note: The product on this post were sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion 

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  1. You look so cute Yomi^^ I love the hat hehe:D x

  2. This is sooooo cute, I like those paws the most
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  3. abhfuidahos THIS IS TOO CUTE. <3
    I need this for myself; can't be PandaGin without a panda cosplay. *A*
    Thank you for sharing this. <3 I'm going to see if I can steal some ideas to make on myself, hehe. ///v///

  4. So very cute on you yomi! Love the panda hood ^^ can't wait to try mine :D

  5. The outfit is so cute! :)

  6. So cute!

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  7. Haha so cute! But I agree, I would probably wear some shorts underneath.

  8. You look so cute wearing it! This costume looks really nice ^^

  9. i love this costume.. its a bit pricey but I think its worth it


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