Thursday, January 30, 2014

[Review] Fake Sideburns Design Neat Bang For Women

 I have 3 hair wigs and this is my first time trying on for only bangs!

Straight bangs is difficult to style in the morning, and I know many girls would only wash their bangs in the morning to style it prettily. My real hair have a similar hairstyle, but it was like flying all ways with a bad hair day. I actually took photos of it as a before photo, but it was so bad that I don't even want to put it up...


Most hair wigs are either using real human hair or synthetic material.
 But after hearing some news about some fabric used dead humans hair... still want to use it? 

Clips On
Same as most fake bangs, they use clips on and it was really easy to use.

They have 4 colors available: Black, Black brown, Deep brown and Light Brown
The one I have picked is pure black, since I have not dyed my hair for a really long time. I think it will be more difficult to find your hair color if it's dyed.

Easy to tell it's Fake?
The material is soft and nice, but it's a little too shiny for most peoples. I have seen peoples that have really shiny and healthy real hair, so I think it would looks much more real if these peoples uses it. But when I wear it... Yes, I think you can easily tell it's fake.

How To Use

I am not experienced with fake bangs, so you better search around for better suggestion.
But I just put a hair band over the line between my real hair and the fake hairs to hide it.
 I know you can use your own hair to hide it too.

Recommend to girls...

Want to try the style before cutting

Have naturally shiny and healthy hair
(more matching)

A quick change

Where To Buy?

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.
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  1. You look great with bangs yomi! I know what you mean about bad bangs in the morning I had that before couple of times but I'm fortunate my bangs are pretty tame maybe cause I have bangs all my life xD but the bangs clip on looks really pretty on you especially with the hair band ^^

  2. We have been searching one during a long time!!!

  3. You can tone down the shine by using a dry shampoo on it, or a finishing powder / hair powder or corn starch to lessen the shininess and hopefully blend it better with your hair. I love the hime side bangs. =)

  4. Yeah, a bit too shiny, but it looks pretty good for the price! Suits you.

  5. You look so good with bangs! Thank you for the demonstration! :) Great blog!
    I have just started a new blog :) Would love it and so appreciate it if you could stop by sometime and tell me what you think! :)

  6. You look much more different with those on! I know I probably would as well. HAHA
    My friend had a hair of these, but she never ending of wearing them because they just looked too fake. :c
    It's a nice extension for wigs though, if you happened to need a fringe of that color. 8D

  7. I used wigs, but I never used such bangs. Maybe I will try it in the future ^^


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