Friday, January 10, 2014

[Tips / Video] Top 5 Products in 2013

This is my first 2014 video!

I am planning to make more videos from now on and hope this one will be a good start.
I have been reading many post about other lovely girls favorite products and makes me really want to share some too, here is of course not everything. But it's some stuffs I have been using a lot in 2013 and loved it!

I know it's not perfectly made, but I already worked hard on it.

and am still new with videos, so if you liked my videos.

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  1. i see lately you have start doing much more video ! nice post
    i've not been login to blogger for quite some time due to busy at work
    hope to see more review !

  2. This is really! I loved your video!! Please do moooore :D

  3. How many hours do you spend time preparing for the video (practicing, rehearsing), recording it and then editing?

  4. Hehe Yomi your voice is so cute. I LOVE YOUR HAIR BY THE WAY. Ahhh I want to get my hair cut like you lol!!! But it would never look good like that. I kinda agree with you I think people freak out about petroleum jelly or whatever but no one has ever really tried it. It has some good uses in general IMO.

  5. This is my first time in your blog and the first video from you to watch,just watched and should say it's real good.


  6. I use petroleum jelly for my lips and hands. <3 It's a nice moisturizer, but I find it kinda shiny. LOL I only happen to use mine at night as well. 8D
    Thank you for sharing Yomi! <3

  7. My first visit here and wow! nice video here! :D

  8. Oh~ I wish I could make Youtube videos like you... >.<

    I really liked seeing your top 5 favorite products of 2013~ Makes me want to try the lioele bb cream x3 I can see how hard you worked on your video too~

    Thank you for helping me Yomi! Can't wait to see more of your videos in 2014! I'll be a loyal subscriber now!

    Love, Aimee


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