Thursday, January 23, 2014

[Review] (Etude House) Look At My Eyes Cafe and (Aritaum) Sugar Wannabe Cushion Tint

I have seen many Korean styled makeups with pink shade eye shadow, but this is my first time trying it. Pink can be really cute and sweet, but using it wrongly can cause puffy eyes and look like it's infected... 

Before I have received many lip tint / sticks that are more in a red color, but I wanted to get something that looks more natural and so I have picked this Wannabe Cushion Tint with a shade called Sugar.

This lip tint include a cushion on the other end,
that you can use to smudge it to create a gradient look.

Gradient Look
 Honestly, you can see on the photos that I really tried making it. But you can hardly see any gradient, but I think it have something to do with the color I picked is actually really light and close to skin color. If it a red color, then it should be much more obvious.

 I have mentioned before that I don't like lipsticks that taste anything at all, because I cannot taste the food I am eating and feel like I am only eating the lipstick... and I have that problem with this lipstick. So I had to wipe it off  a bit before eating to taste my food.

 I have seen some photos about using this as a blusher and I tried it, you can see it on my full face photos. I think it's not bad and love that you can have different use of one product!

 You can easily leave mark on something like a cup while drinking, but since it's a tint. The color will still stay well on your lips.

 The one I used is called "Sugar", they have over 20 shades available!

 It have a slight sweet fragrance, but I had to put my nose like 1 cm from the lip tint to smell it.
I liked the fragrance!

Where To Buy?

Color: PK001
 A cute pink color!

There are many different way to use this eye shadow, but here is what I did!

What I did...

1. I used the pink eye shadow over my eyelid 

2. Dark brown as a eyeliner close to over eyelashes 
and 1/3 under.

3. White shimmer on the front part.

4. It was not shown on this photo,
I used a liquid eyeliner on over eyeliner.

 I don't think there is anything wrong with the pigment, but because this is really light shade. You have to use a lot to make it visible enough for a eye shadow. I have seen peoples using similar color as a shimmer too.

Natural Look
 The website says this product is mainly to create natural looks, so this might be the reason to the light shade, so it's a good product if you want natural looks.

 It's easier to apply it with a eye shadow brush and the color appear more vibrant too. The powder is in good form and won't get messy when applying. 

 They have around 17 different colors for this product.

Where To Buy?

Products Used :

Eye - -> Look At My Eyes Cafe PK001

Blush -- > Sugar Wannabe Cushion Tint

Lips --> Sugar Wannabe Cushion Tint

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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  1. sugar is really good on your lips!
    while on my lips, it looks cracked :(

  2. aww the tint looks really nice, but I wish the colour was a little more bright~
    the Look At My Eyes Cafe looks like a really nice natural blush!
    thx for the review yomi~
    xxox Charmaineee

    New Makeup tutorial~

  3. that lip color is gorgeous! i need to try some more aritaum products =)

  4. It's nice to see the differences with our eyes, it's difficult to do the same shape!

  5. The colors are really great , especially the lipcolor. I love the Aritaum Cushion tints *_* These are my last years favourites, probably :)

  6. I lik your lip tint a lot
    Keep in touch

  7. I love the color of the lip tint!
    Definitely wanna try it :)

  8. I like how every shade od that tint has a different packaging :D Also, I like that particular shade a lot, it's very nice! :)

  9. The cushion tint looks amazing! I agree, it's probably difficult to do a gradient with that color because it is so similar to your lips. But if you're using it just as a lipstick, it looks nice and natural. :)

  10. Twofaced are a really good budget brand! I think you did your eye makeup very well and it looks great :) you can see the difference in the shades of lipstick, but it is subtle.

    Have you been blogging long? I am new and your blog is inspiring.

    You have a new follower in me :)

    Alice x

  11. I love how the lippie has a little smudger on it! <3 I really want it in a darker color, since I'm not too good with gradient lips. ;v;
    The eyeshadow look very nice for a base coat too! ///v///

  12. I've been meaning to try the Aritaum cushion tints for a while! Even though the color is a bit faint, I still think it looks nice on you ^^

  13. I love the idea of that lip product having the smudger to create the gradient effect :) The pink colors look great on you! :) just followed your blog and I'm loving it!

    feel free to check my blog out at


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