Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[Review] Ciba Vision Fresh Look Illuminate Dailies

This is my first time trying color lenses 
and especially dailies ones.

I brought this with me on my holiday tripe and almost wore it everyday for over 10 hours.

I already wore this color lenses for 10 hours on first time wearing it. Because I knew this brand of color lenses can used as daily lenses and much more comfortable than circle lenses. 

This is also more natural, as you can see on the photos.
It looks almost the same, beside it's a little bit darker brown and enlargement.
So if you want a more natural and daily use, then I would defiantly recommend this one!


Diameter :  13.8mm

BS: 8.6

Package: 30 pieces (15 pairs)

Pattern: Starbust

Type: Daily Disposable 

(I read somewhere you can use two days,
 but clean it well as monthly, yearly lenses!)

The design and colors are especially
 suits able for Asian eyes!

I received a small liquid bottle with it
The color lenses are so comfortable that I don't feel much difference using it or not and wished it was a eye drops instead, because I start to feel dry after 8 hours of wearing it.

My Thought

Comfort: Super comfortable! It's exactly same as my normal contact lenses that I used to wear daily. Which I can use up to 8 hours before starting to feel dryness, and up to 12 hours with eye drops. Even though it's super comfy, I don't think it's recommended to wear it over 8 hours for everyday. 

Enlargement: This color lenses, is smaller to be compared to circle lenses. But you can still see the enlargement on my photos and I think it's enough for me, since I normally go for more natural looks. It still helps to make your eye makeups to looks better!

Color: I have mentioned that this is especially for Asian eyes, so it blends really well with brown eye colors! The only difference of the lenses and my real eyes is almost only by the slight pattern on the color lenses?

Price: This package cost $25 for 15 pairs. 
So you can only use it for 15 days or maybe a month if you re-use them once. I can understand this cost a lot more to be compared to yearly circle lenses and many user are by younger girls that don't have that much spare money. But if you have some spare money, then I can say that the quality is defiantly worth it.

Recommend to girls that have / want...

Sensitive Eyes

Asian (Brown Eyes)

Natural looking

Slight Enlargement

Daily use

Wear for 8 hours +

With prescription

Color adapt to your eye color

Watch Yoona wearing it!

Where To Buy

Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion

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  1. wahh!! I really love these lenses!!~
    They look really natural + thats super good that they are comfortable.
    $25 for 15 pairs is pretty cheap lol!
    I think I want to try these lenses now (≧‿≦)
    thx for the review Yomi!!~
    xxoxox CHarmaineeeee

  2. Wow! So natural! Just like your eyes but bigger.. if only i can wear contact lenses T_T *sobs*
    Anyway detailed and nice review :D
    Happy new year Yomi! Have a blessed year ahead^^

  3. Hi! Happy new year! :-)

    I´m following you now. Would you like to visit my blog and follow me back?


  4. They look so pretty on you Yomi^^ Very natural and cute~ Sometimes I wish I could have brown eyes because they are so nice:D

    Thanks for sharing your review, and Happy New Year! x

  5. I just bought a box of these last week because I love their colored daily contacts! They are SOOO comfortable. I think for the comfort it is worth it to wear these instead of circle lenses. Yes it's a little more expensive, but it is more hygenic and also better for your eye health. I think the one thing that sucks is that the design isn't extravagant, but it does look much more natural and people won't question your eyes lol. You should try the acuvue natural shine dailies if you like these Yomi :D

  6. Woah love how natural these contacts look! Shall start stocking up on these babies!! <3
    Thanks for the review!!!

    -Miss Sennnaa

  7. The contact looks good on you! Your eyes look bigger.

  8. great review! thanks for sharing!

  9. Will love to try it some day. Happy New year.

  10. oh this is perfect, i was JUST talking to someone about colored contacts!! thank you for sharing =)

  11. They look so natural and pretty on you! Thanks for sharing ^^

  12. Ahhh~ They're one day lenses. *^* I saw these at a store and I was considering to get them. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to spend 25 dollars on brown lenses that probably wouldn't be noticed. AHA
    Thank you for the review! <3

  13. Yomi,
    Thanks for following back! I've been lurking your blog & I love your circle lens reviews! :) You have such lovely style ^ ^

    OhCindyRella~ Beauty & Lifestyle Blog~


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