Sunday, January 5, 2014

[Review] How Long Do Adorfee Black Eyeliner last?

Yesterday I reviewed about a Chinese branded 
eyeliner that cost only $3.99.

Some of you girls asked me how long it can last, so I tried it today and looked into the mirror to check my eyeliner whenever I get to see one. These photos were taken 7 hours after I have applied the eyeliner, it smudged a little bit... but not too big difference from when I applied it.

But once I rubbed it lightly...
everything faded away like I used a makeup remover.

What about Oily Lids?
Seriously, I have really oily lids! There are many eyeliner that gets all smudged and panda eyes after around 4 hours! So I think the result is not bad for the price you have to pay for.
I used a light eyes shadow over the eyeliner to make it last longer.

So I think the result is...

It's all good if you don't rub your eyes and don't touch any waters!

I only did a light makeup today 
and I hope it was enough to answer your questions!

If you have not read my yesterdays review yet, you can read Full Review now!

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  1. Maybe they come in waterproof edition as well? Anyway, it was a great read :) xx


  2. that's a pretty good result, specially considering the price

  3. I have really oily lids too, this liner sounds perfect for me
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    Keep in touch,

  4. Ugh! Oily lids problems! QAQ This seems perfect for me!
    Except I do a rather thick line when it comes to daily make up. Do you think they would smudge? :c
    Thank you for sharing Yomi! <3

    1. I can try it once and reply you personally, don't think I will make a new post for thick eyeliner =)

  5. Hi, I like your blog, is really nice! I am following you via Facebook, GFC, google+ and Bloglovin. I would love if you'd follow back:). Kisses

  6. Very cute packaging nice eyeliner very long lasting, thanks for your review dear.

  7. It is so cheap, seriously almost looks the same after rubbing it.


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