Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Just Talk] What Toby (Cat) do when I try to take photos for my blog.

These photo were taken a few days ago with my two latest review post.

This happen almost every time she find out I am trying to take photos, at first I did not understand why she would want to sleep in front of the light, when it's so damn bright. But then I figured out because it produce a little warmth and that's what she wanted.

On that day I was lucky that she decided to sleep beside the area I have planned to take photos, so I can just continue to take it while she is sleeping. But some times... she would sit right on the photo area and maybe on the products too...

It's a little troublesome, but I somehow feel happy that she is there to accompany me.

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  1. Aww, she slep inform of camera. That is the best pic..buoy should post her pics more often
    Keep in touch

  2. She's so adorable haha. I guess it's true that cats will sometimes just lay on your stuff. I want a pet cat or dog when I go to college so I could have some company. :D

  3. My cat acts just like a dog, I swear. LOOL
    However, Yuki does the same. Whenever I'm taking big pictures for hauls and what not, so always goes and messes with the tripod. HAHA

  4. Aww~ Toby is so adorable! I really wish I had a companion while making blog posts </3 Thanks for this little post~ It made me smile~

    Love, Aimee

  5. Haha, that's cute but so typical. When I had a cat she would sit on my hands whenever I tried to type on the computer. Most cats are not happy unless you're paying attention to them!

  6. Awww, she's so cute! My dog likes to sleep in the place where I take photos XDDD"


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