Friday, September 6, 2013

[Review] Lioele Brush Pen Eyeliner

Here is another review for Lioeles beauty products! 

I have wanted another eyeliner and got this lovely product sponsored by Keautystore
They are selling many different brand of Korean beauty products and ship international ! 


I have been using this eyeliner in my recent posts!

I think the package is simple and neat. There are many reviews that got surprised about this eyeliner is a little shorter then many others. But I don't think that as any problem, since most of the times I won't be able to use it up before it start drying...

The tip of this eyeliner is really thin
That makes your drawing more precis and easier to make the ending wings.

I got a little surprised that the color of this eyeliner is not so dark as most black eyeliner. But it's build able if you stroke over it more times and there are probably someone that don't want their eyeliner to be too dark?

When using this eyeliner, you have to wait a little for it to dry up. If you rub it before it's dried then it will be smudged really easily, but once it's dried up. Then it won't budge much even if you rub it hard. I find that to be fine, because I often draw mismatch on my eyes... so I can easily take it off before it's dried up.

Thin Tip
Easy to draw
Don't smudge easily after dried
Modern package

Smudge easily when first applied
Light black

This is recommended to everyone that might want a more natural eyeliner, as it's not too dark. This is a little smaller in size, you can see that as easier to carry with you and anyone that want a thin tip for a more precis drawing on your eyeliner!

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion


  1. Looks like a great eyeliner, like I said befre Lioele is one of my fav brand, I hope very soon try this eyeliner. Thanks for your review!

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  3. The tip looks so thin and dainty, love it! xoxo

    New post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin'

  4. I like how the tip is so sharp and thin. Too bad it's not dark enough!

  5. Oh~ I bought this eyeliner while I was in Japan! I actually really liked the natural look it gave me~ <3 Harsh things on my monolids just look... OTL

    Thanks for the review!

  6. Seems really cool, kind of like a grey eyeliner almost

  7. Nice review~
    Wow I think I should grab this one too! Thanks for sharing ^^

  8. i'm an eyeliner user/fan myself for that cat eye look!

    followed you in bloglovin..:)

  9. I really like how thin the tip is, looks like it makes it a lot easier to use! Great review :)

    Amelia - new follower!

  10. wow, actually it is a little bit strange for me if eyeliner is not too dark. but, yeah every body has different taste. thank you for visited my blogs. i have followed ur blog. would u mind to follow me back? let me know it...

  11. Thanks for all lovely comments <3

  12. Great review! I love eyeliners and i'm always keen to read up on different brands! You have a lovely blog! I am now a follower :) x x

  13. Love this kind of eyeliner!!You hace a beautiful eyes color <3 Your blog is great ^^

  14. Great post! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Keep in touch!

    Lady Trends NEW POST ON MY BLOG!!

  15. I have this one too but not really like it. The color isn't really bold and somehow it's quite hard to remove.. hahaha

  16. Thanks so much for following me! Following you back on gfc :)

  17. Thank you for this review :) It looks amazing. I wanna try this eyeliner ♥ Please do follow me on GFC ♥


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