Saturday, September 7, 2013

[Shout Out] #2 Weekly Shout Out + Triple Solution BB Cream Giveaways RESULT!

Because there are not so many that applied for this weeks shout out, so I only picked two bloggers.

Take a look into them!

 Hiya! I'm a beauty blogger that likes to blog just about anything ^__^ I love to do reviews on both western and Asian skincare and makeup, hauls, and tutorials! I love making new friends, so come talk to me! :3

Yomi: She is a sweet girl and we have been following each other for a while. She have many creative posts in her blog, take a look when you have time for it!

Hello! How are you? This is a new personal blog about the daily life of a 21 year old german student. Filled with kawaii stuff, reviews about asian makeup brands and shop experiences! Make your life more kawaii! 

Yomi: You cannot see her picture on the top of her blog, but she is a really cute and pretty girl! She have many cute posts in her blog with many great photos!

How To Enter Next Weeks Shout Out:

Only my readers are allowed to join
That mean you are following me on at least one platform
GFC / G+ / Bloglovin / Facebook

Fill out the submit form
I will use these information to introduce your blog!

Especially for bloggers that got chosen
If you appreciate my shout out for you
I would be really grateful if you can introduce me to your readers too.

Email Address:
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Introduce Your Blog To Us:



Stella Meryl

The winner will be contacted shortly and have to reply within 48 hours.


  1. Awesome :)

  2. Congrats to the winner! :D

  3. wow you are having shoutout now .. i wanna submit !! hehe

  4. Congrats to the winnner~ And thanks for the shoutout Yomi! <3 You're just as sweet~ :D


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