Friday, September 20, 2013

[Review] Missha Signature Velvet Art Shadow 15. Orange Combination

 I am happy to review Missha product for the first time, I have seen their shops when I traveled. But I never bought anything from them before. Thanks to  cosmetic-love for sponsoring me this lovely product.


I think the package of this eye shadow is really pretty, elegant and well packed that gives a feeling of high quality product. Inside the package have they included a small card guide that teach you how to use the colors in a correct way. It's in Korean, but not hard to understand if you take a better look.



Have Mirror

Easy To Open

Include Guide

High quality

How To Use

I tried to use this palette as shown on the guide they have included, but since I do not understand Korean. I only looked at the pictures and might not be 100% the same as the card they have.

On number 4. they have 3 different highlight color that you can pick one to use.
Maybe you can pick the one that suit your clothes for that day.
 I used the white one on my photos for this post.

Easy To Use

Image source:

Missha Signature velvet Art Shadow have many more colors, but cosmetic-love only have these 3 in stock. But I think they are really nice ones, as the pink one is more sweet and the dark one is more cool.

Different Shade To Choose



Here is the final look of the Missha Signature Velvet Art Shadow!

I only used this eye shadow palette and a thin eyeliner as finish.

The best thing about this palette is that I don't need to worry about how to combine different eye shadows for one look. That makes it much easier for make up beginners like me. 

In overall I really loved this eye shadow palette 
and I will consider about getting other shades of this palette series!

What Do You Think?

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion.


  1. I love the packaging on this palette! It's very classy.

  2. Thank you for this review ♥ I have always wanted to try it but since it's very expensive in our Missha shops, I always feel hesitated about buying it.


  3. so pretty! love the look you did with it also :) gorgeous!

  4. The packaging looks really nice! c: I love the look you did~ It defined your eyes really well. c:

  5. The packaging looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing ♡

  6. i like the pink packaging , look nice

  7. What a gorgeous packing! The colors are pretty and it looks great on you. :)

  8. I love the design of the packaging. It looks really beautiful :)Nice review as usual ♥

  9. Very soft and pretty shades. Really must get around to trying some Missha eye shadow myself. ^^

  10. Your eyes look gorgeous! I never knew Missha sold these eyeshadows, I now have to get my hands on these because the colours look amazing ^^
    I'm following you now on GFC would you like to maybe follow back? ;D


  11. Your eyes look amazing!!
    I simply love the packaging
    and the color looks great on you^_^
    Thank you for sharing(:

  12. Oh really cute palette, the package is pretty elegant and the colors are beautiful.

  13. Cute palette! And you're so pretty! Awesome review! ^^
    I wish I could buy this but I just splurged on an Urban Decay palette. ;-;


  14. Wooow~ This is a really pretty little palette~~ I love the colors, and I've never tried an eyeshadow palette from Missha before~ Thanks for the little tutorial as well Yomi!

    Loved this review~

  15. Thanks for all lovely comments <3

  16. Lovely look! You look really pretty and natural!
    The price is quite nice for a palatte that has this many shadows.
    Great review! :D

  17. Hello! I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger award! You can check out my tag here! :)

  18. I love it, it looks really pretty on you =)

    Corinne x

  19. The palette is really pretty & I love the colors available.
    You look so pretty!

  20. the colors look very wearable! and the packaging oh god it looks like those expensive high end makeups *coughs* YSL *coughs* thanks for the review!

  21. Thanks for all lovely comments <3

  22. it has a very natural colour. Looks pretty good on you

    Kisses from Ireland


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